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  • Anyway thankyou for liking my occasional depiction of a game in some ways probably kept me sober unfortunately. Or being as angry as I was over at HH. Appreciated.
    And given I didn't leave space for paragraphs that probably seems like a ramble... unless you've ever read my previous posts. :)

    Sorry had to split posts three times! as there is a 420 letter limit apparently.
    And perhaps we already have met if your one of the guys there with 20 log ins, that I walked away form when Bugsy pointed out they log in together to attack individuals and I have enough issues with my stupidity b4 that even happens. Pretty sure Bugsy here is Bugsy there too.
    One day I reckon we should have a beer together.
    I know you're on HH back in the old days (or assume who could come up with TD twice) when I was on, only went back there this year to wish Mocca good luck this year with his Mum and her being in hospital after I randomly bumped into Somocca (Mocca's sister) on the train and she told me Mrs Mocca had been in hospital all good now according to Mark (Mocca).
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