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  • It wasnt related to the Thread so you deleted it ? Mate you let Vonn and others speak absoloute rubbish in some threads that are completely irrelevant to what the topic is and its play on.If i give as good as i get and shouldnt complain then let it go. Be fair and watch replies to my posts and see if its reasonable that i respond in the way i do. No you wont do that because i dont kiss peoples arses.Stat Machine is an ignorant little prick who continually insults people with his snide sarcasm yet he gets away with it.
    I deleted all the posts. You're acting like I only deleted yours and left all the others. You give as good as you get, so not sure why you are complaining to be honest.

    That was all crap between you, Bedford and Stat and not even related to Goodes' game breaking, so I deleted it all. What exactly should I have done then?
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