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  1. Tonga Bob

    Autopsy Round 15: Docherty 81 - Dockery 50

    Someone famous once said that “It’s never as good or as bad as it seems”. Tonga Bob says “That was bog average”. Discuss…
  2. M

    2015 Carlton Match Worn Sam Docherty Indigenous Nike Jumper Guernsey Jersey Also

    2015 Carlton Match Worn Sam Docherty Indigenous Nike Jumper Guernsey Jersey Also On Ebay
  3. 9

    News Sam Docherty has undergone surgery for a malignant testicular tumour.

    "CARLTON co-captain Sam Docherty has undergone surgery for a malignant testicular tumour after recently discovering a cancerous lump. Head of Football Brad Lloyd said the surgery - conducted last Friday - went well, with 27-year-old Docherty expected to make a full recovery. “The surgery went...
  4. T

    Rumour Sam Docherty ruptured ACL playing basketball

    I have a friend of mine who’s a blues supporter who messaged me on Friday afternoon saying he saw Sam Docherty leaving Cabrini Health in Malvern limping very heavily. He works at Cabrini as a nurse and asked what was wrong with Docherty as he thought he was back to full training. My mate was...
  5. jj1978

    News Sam Docherty - Another ACL :((

    News just in :( Sam taken from training with a suspected knee injury...
  6. C

    2019 Season Predictions

    Just thought I would do a 2019 Season predictions thread to get what people think of our 2019 season for next year. And these are only Carlton related not other teams related. Ladder Position: Win-Loss Ratio: First Win: Best Win: Best Mark: Best Goal: Best And Fairest: Leading Goal Kicker(how...
  7. Aphrodite

    Toast Congratulations Patrick Cripps & Sam Docherty - Co-Captains

    Congrats Patrick & Sam :clapping::clapping::clapping: :blueheart::blueheart::blueheart: Well deserved! HONOUR THE PAST. OWN THE FUTURE.
  8. chelseacarlton

    News Sam Docherty ACL

    Sad but true Sorry guys and gals
  9. Slats

    Sam Docherty ruptures ACL

    CARLTON Football Club can confirm defender Sam Docherty has ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament at a pre-season training session on Wednesday. The 24-year-old will undergo traditional surgery over the coming days before commencing his rehabilitation process. Head of Football Andrew McKay...
  10. Aphrodite

    News 2017 AA Squad Named - Congratulations Sam Docherty!

    ...Betts, Matt Crouch, Sam Jacobs, Rory Laird, Jake Lever, Tom Lynch, Rory Sloane, Taylor Walker. Brisbane Lions: Dayne Zorko. Carlton: Sam Docherty, Matthew Kreuzer. Collingwood: Jeremy Howe, Adam Treloar. Essendon: Joe Daniher, Michael Hurley, Zach Merrett. Fremantle: — Geelong: Patrick...
  11. Super Hans

    Laird vs Docherty

    Having a debate with a mate who is the best half back in the comp, we came down to these two. Who is the better player?
  12. B

    Carlton and Sam Docherty

    ...would be great. --- Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley copped plenty of criticism for his decision to send human glove Levi Greenwood to Sam Docherty over Marc Murphy in the weekend’s game against archrivals Carlton. Murphy continued his outstanding season with arguably a best afield...
  13. S

    Polec v Yeo v Docherty

    Who of the above ex-Brisbane players would you take?
  14. M

    2016 John Nicholls Medal - Congratulations Sam Docherty

    I'm flying down for the B&F this Friday night so just curious if many others are going ?
  15. TheBoyWhoLived

    Elliot Yeo vs Sam Docherty

    Now and in the future. Why/Why not
  16. Kensa Carter

    First to 100 games - Menzel, Buckley, Docherty or Graham?

    From The Age's 'Live AFL blog with Rohan Connolly' Read more: -I'm thinking Graham myself. Kid has the work-rate and the attitude. Big bodied, and no signs of injury so far. I think once...
  17. Jeremias

    Senior 15. Sam Docherty

    Welcome to Carlton :thumbsu: :thumbsu: :thumbsu: Docherty finally a Blue
  18. G0ther00s

    Traded Brisbane trade Docherty to Carlton for #33

    1116 SEN Footy ‏@SENfooty5m Finally the Lions have got a deal done. Sam Docherty is now a Blue. Pick 33 did the trick.
  19. Aphrodite

    Toast Welcome to Carlton Sam Docherty!

    Yay finally! :thumbsu:
  20. Snoop Dog

    Docherty, Henderson or Armstrong

    Seems we have been pretty strongly linked with Henderson and Armstrong but I am a bit surprised we arent hunting Docherty who from what I saw last year has shown he is coming along pretty well. I would be keener to offer pick #27 for him than the other 2. Am I missing something?