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  • Hey there, I was researching trying to find any evidence my grandfather played for fitzroy, the only thing I found was something you posted about the 1944 fitzroy gorillas team, my grandfathers name is in that list. Gordon Smith. Could you please reply to me and she'd some light on how you know that and if you have anything else on my grandfather would be much appreciated
    Hey Grim,
    Just wondering what the process is of writing previews, cause I would love to write one for the upcoming Lions v Dees :D
    Hi Grim,

    Thanks for editing my post on Tinka's roster watch. I meant no offence. Just thought stuyd1 was a Lions poster who'd forgotten to switch from an alias. My post was a clumsy and not very funny attempt at humour. It was not mean to carry any sting.

    I have sent stuyd1 an apology via a PM, and a short explanation.

    Always a Lion
    Hey Grimreepah,

    I just put a new thread up and wonder if you could please edit the title to include a question mark at the end. Regards, 3KZ is Football
    Hey bud, didnt mean to offend on your board, not sure if you remember me however I used to post under stantonLEGEND a fair bit on your board, and was well known to TBD when he modded the bay as well as posters such as Nigelicious, Axel, Ginger Greatness etc etc, so I feel a have a slight bit more leniency compared to other posters hence my post. I also feel this way on the Richmond board so my posts on there are also slightly more eye catching.

    Anyway thought I'd let you know for any future reference, If i do once again overstep my mark.

    Re, KOTH
    You'll be pleased to know Matthew Campbell will still be part of the new Fox Footy commentary team :thumbsu:
    Hey Grim, just asking your permission to fire up the 'asses the players 2012' thread with the next two additions?
    Do you have any idea who Quigley is? His knowledge of potential draftees is incredible. Surely he must be in the game somewhere, or otherwise where would he get all his info?
    Back in town.

    If you would still like my contribution in relation to the Tassie players, in what form do you require these?
    Your visitor message of January 19 is starting to come true, though I still think I will be safe.
    Wont be back in Brisbane until 9th due to a mate suffering a very serious heart complaint here in Bang Kok. At the moment he is on life support, with the doctors making a decision on whether to pull the plug on Friday.

    If this delay creates a problem with my player review contribution I will have to pass.


    You know what they say about too many chefs ;)

    As the sous-chef in our relationship I cleaned up my mess as quickly as I could :D
    Hey mate, just posted my preview, wasn't sure if i needed to send it to you. Hopefully you can treat it accordingly as the official preview for the round!
    Part 2

    "They are genuine stars of the side who are very important to us and it goes without saying that we all want them to stay", Brown said. "They've put in a lot to the footy club and I know they love the footy club and I'm pretty confident they'll stay. But its a pretty nervous time for all footy club's at the moment, so you can undrstand why players are reluctant to sign up early in the season."
    Young is also due to talk to the Lions about another out-of-contract WA recruit, James Hawksley. Brown said Hawksley was in good for the Lions reserves, but was struggling to reclaim a senior position with players such as Josh Drummond, Xavier Clarke soon available to join the recalled the Matt Maguire, who will play against Richmond tonight."

    There was a bit more about Brown, his weight etc etc which is already covered, but thought you may find the above interesting and I can't find an online version of the article.


    Not sure what you want to do with these quotes from page 8 of the The Age Footy liftout today. Article by Steve Butler - "Brown fears for unsigned star players":

    "Brisbane Lions captain Jonathan Brown has admitted the changing landscape of the expanding AFL had aided a nervous element to the club's battle to retain star West Australian trio Mitch Clark, Matthew Leuenberger and Daniel Rich.

    With all three contracted only until the end of the season, WA based manager Colin Young will travel to Brisbane next week to discuss Clark's immediate future, while Melbourne-based Paul Connors expects to meet Lions officials this weekend in relation to Leuenberger and Rich.

    Brown said the trio were vital to rebuilding the once powerful club and was optimistic they would all see enough young talent at the Lions at Brisbane to want to continue their careers there.
    more to follow
    Open Discussion about Forum Based topic's is what a forum is about so why delete people's post's when the was put down in the first place make's no sense to me.
    If that Ashes post you quoted is anything to go by, poor Sheldon may as well call it quits now.
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