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  1. bird_man

    Recommitted Miles Bergman [Re-Signed to 2025]

    Former first round pick from Victoria. Out of contract at the end of the year. I’m sure many clubs, including the one I follow will have interest in him.
  2. Red Black and Blue

    Recommitted Miles Bergman [OOC 2023] Essendon, Tigers, Melbourne, Geelong, North are the teams I could see having interest. Port...
  3. giantroo

    Player Watch #27: Miller Bergman - BFNAAK - Extends to end of 2025

    Welcome to North Melbourne, Miller. BFNAAK. Miller's father, Shannon Bergman, was drafted with pick 66 by North Melbourne in 1989.
  4. Taylor

    Club Focus North Melbourne 2021 - Greenwood, Coleman-Jones, Horne-Francis, Goater, Curtis, Bergman, Archer
    Threadmarks: North Melbourne club thread

    Spreadsheet created by Lore and Taylor, using data from footywire and AFL Tables. Version above maintained by giantroo. To check the draft order see the thread here.
  5. Ford Fairlane

    Official Club Stuff Williams, Bergman and Georgiades sign on

    A TRIO of talented youngsters have committed themselves to Port Adelaide with 2019 draftees Miles Bergman, Mitch Georgiades and Dylan Williams agreeing to terms on respective contract extensions. The 19-year-olds have each agreed to two-year contract extensions, keeping them at the club until...
  6. Holden Hillbilly

    Player Watch Pick #14 (2019) - Miles Bergman

    CLUB: Sandringham Dragons DATE OF BIRTH:18th October 2001 HEIGHT:186cm WEIGHT: 75kg POSITION: Midfielder BIO Medium midfielder/forward who is strong one-on-one both in the air and at ground level. He does not turn 18 until October, so has plenty of physical upside. Has natural speed and...
  7. S

    RIP Ingmar Bergman

    ...I'm a little stunned actually. Might haul out "Persona" or "Virgin Spring" for another viewing in his honour. Legendary film-maker Bergman dies aged 89 THE AGE July 30, 2007 - 8:13PM Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman was widely acclaimed for films such as The Seventh Seal (1957)...