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  1. S

    Speculation Daniel Curtin

    SEN WA have claimed this morning Daniel Curtin wants to return to WA already and Fremantle are already involved. The AFL extended draftee contracts from 2 to 3 years, but it's irrelevant when all the power is with the player and they can walk out and request trades whenever they like...
  2. huludicidal

    Preview Changes: R8 vs Port Adelaide, 2024 - Curtin Call?

    ...need of someone to play a non-statistical role. Dowling really needs to put together a solid 16 weeks of sanfl form before being considered. Curtin might see some game time after the bye if club legends Borlase, Butts, Himmelberg and Hamill all get injured simultaneously. Wouldn’t want to...
  3. Drugs Are Bad Mackay?

    Roast Stop Gunstoning Curtin, morons

    It seems like there's a lot of negative threads at the moment, all potting the club. And here's another one. Daniel Curtin, elite talent. When did Jack Gunston make up his mind that he didn't want to play for Adelaide? During which trek out to Elizabeth was it where the penny dropped? Sure...
  4. C

    Prediction Poll: Who will debut first - Curtin or Edwards

    Silly poll to fill in the last bit of the offseason. My money's on Edwards. Even though our lack of tall timber means Curtin will have a good chance, I still think that his chance in the backline is say 6 weeks away, whereas I reckon Edwards will absolutely have starred in the mid by the end...
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  8. Scorpus

    Player Watch Daniel Curtin - Debut

    We draft the forward, defender, midfielder from WA
  9. ronpingwins

    Unofficial Preview Hurtin for Curtin vs Lurcher for McKercher vs Heard Ya! It’s Duursma!

    Now that we are set to get pick 2 or 3 (depending on McKay compo) there are a few permutations here. Who are we hoping for our first pick? The assumption is we would take Curtin, but that’s no guarantee and he may not be available if North take him.
  10. Dan Curtin - West Coast 2.jpg

    Dan Curtin - West Coast 2.jpg

  11. Dan Curtin - West Coast 2.jpg

    Dan Curtin - West Coast 2.jpg

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    Dan Curtin - West Coast.jpg

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    Dan Curtin - West Coast.jpg

  14. kane249

    Strategy What to do with pick 1 now we’ve got it - Do We Need Reid or is it Curtins

    So with the club hurtling towards pick 1 and there has been a lot of debate about it, what do you think the club should do? Still some time before the draft but Harley Reid is being described as a generational talent, with a big gulf to the next tier of player down. Go for Reid and the...
  15. S

    How did Curtin win office?

    Just watched Curtin on the ABC. It appeared that independents deserted Menzies and crossed the floor. I thought independents were a recent phenomenon in the house of reps. Presume he won an election sometime during the war anyway. Anyone else see it? Gee they all smoked a lot.

    Curtin - ABC on Sunday night

    Saw a preview for this last night. An Australian production starring William McInnes that tells the story of Prime Minister John Curtin around the time Darwin was bombed by the Japanese. Anyone plan to watch it?
  17. X

    Barry Curtin 111 points wrong.

    This so called 'footy expert' must feel a bit silly tipping the pies on the weekend.