1. jmac91

    Portfolio Future of the AFL (2050)

    Future of the AFL (2050) The Year is 2050 and Phase 2 of The Divisions system is Complete. With the AFL now being a multi-billion dollar company, the AFL has begun to expand more domestically and internationally. Now with 40 Football Clubs in 4 divisions, Their are higher stakes in the...
  2. GoldenMagpie16

    Essendon 2000 finals series Vs Geelong 2007 final series

    I thought it would be nice for a change that we can relive the past by comparing the two most dominant teams in the modern era. Theirs been previously topics about Geelong 2007 vs Hawthorn 2014 or West Coast 2015 vs Port Adelaide 2007 I was comparing final series (because I was bored) and I...
  3. el Tel

    Portfolio el Tel's wonderful world of football kit madness.....

    Hi Everyone, I've started this thread as a portfolio of things I'm thinking of and am working on, from football kits, AFL guernseys, templates, logos, advertising concepts etc so that they're all accessible in one place. So a bit about me... Firstly, my name is Dan. I'm a swans fan, always...
  4. P

    1990 AFL Bid - Unanswered Questions

    Hi guys! With the 1990 AFL bid saga occurring a bit before my time on Earth, I'm just wondering if anyone could help answer a few questions. 1. Did members a vote actually take place or was it squashed by the legal injunctions? 2. Despite the 1990 Heads of Agreement securing the "prison bars"...
  5. D

    Clothing Business (Australia rules inspired)

    Hi all, Ive began a clothing business (DALMOR) Inspired by Suburban Melbourne living and Australian rules football culture. Would love if you could all check it out, give any feedback, spread the word and if you feel like it purchase! You can use the code: 30off for 30% off!
  6. NuriootpaTigers

    Keeper League Podcast

    Hey all, A mate and I started a podcast specific to Keeper Leagues. We don't really bother talking about the top scorers, as they're usually already snapped up in keeper leagues. We talk about all the players that are likely to be deeper in draft pools. Check it out here: iTunes Spotify...
  7. MitchellMc8

    AFL Champions League Concept

    Instead of bringing back State of Origin, what if the AFL started a european champions league type tournament which goes for a few weeks throughout the season with the ‘final’ to be played just before the start of the finals series. It would work like this: Top 12 Teams from season before...
  8. Old Campaigner

    Player Watch #25: Jake Stringer

    Might as well get in on the ground floor Date of birth: 25 April 1994 (age 23) Drafted from: Bendigo Pioneers Draft: No. 5, 2012 national draft Height: 192 cm (6 ft 4 in) Weight: 92 kg (203 lb) Former club: Western Bulldogs (2012 - 2017) Number: 9 Games: 89 Goals: 160 Position...
  9. M

    Workshop Space Football League In 3018-3019

    This is what the AFL will look like in 1,000 Years and they'll be in different planets of the solar system Teams Sun Central Suns Mercury North Mercury Demons (Would play one game in Hell) South Mercury Lions Venus East Venus Crows West Venus Power Earth Northern Hemisphere Giants Southern...
  10. Daniel906

    AFL Replay Links

    I recently got AFL Live Pass and tried to find the URL of the video itself (something like, but for some reason, I can't find it. Is there anything...
  11. DalBoySanto

    Player Watch #4: Shaun Higgins - 2018 All Australian selection & Syd Barker Medallist - back2back winner

    I'd like to see him at North 2-3 deal i hope thoughts
  12. jmac91

    Poll FJGD AFL Jumper Hall of Fame Announcement & Shortlist

    Hello distinguished footy jumper creators, lovers and everything else in-between. A couple of weeks ago I posted an idea on the competitions thread about an idea about having an AFL Jumper Hall of Fame. This had very positive views so I need all your help to put together a list of jumpers to...
  13. jmac91

    Portfolio A Realistic look at the Future of the WAFL

    The year is 2030. 11 years ago, the AFL bought the WAFL and turned it more into a development league. While the WAFC still “runs” the competition, the AFL does all the heavy lifting and makes the big decisions. This includes mass expansion all across the great state of Western Australia and now...
  14. T

    Expansion Is the AFL good for footy?

    It could be argued that the AFL administration are a law unto themselves. An unelected elite of football technocrats, who are acting much like an AFL Kremlin. The AFL chose to pursue the American NFL franchise system rather than the English Premier League divisional system. I think it could be...
  15. Beauy420

    AFL Grand Final Ticket thread

    Wanted to create a central thread for those buying/selling tickets so we can help out fellow Eagles fans Buy/sell at your own risk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclosure: The Victorian Government have declared the 2018...
  16. I

    The Lace Out AFL Podcast Preliminary Finals Edition

    Hi all AFL lovers, Hot off the airwaves (that makes no sense)! The Preliminary Finals preview is live and is unofficially sponsored by The Spice Girls when they sang for this week's podcast! We also answered ALL the questions raised by the Lace Out Community in the first gathering of the Match...
  17. LostTP

    AFL themed Wooden Spoons Mobile Game

    Give it a shot and send to some Blues friends Wooden Spoons by LostTP posted Sep 2, 2018 at 10:38 AM IOS Link
  18. Wooden Spoons

    Wooden Spoons

    Mobile Game
  19. jmac91

    Portfolio Future of the AFL (2030)

    Future of the AFL (2030) The Year is 2030, The AFL is flourishing under its new division system that was implemented in the 2023 season when 2 new teams entered the competition. Now with 24 teams (12 in each Division), there has been more close games than ever before. With some relocations and...
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