1. Dockersmad1995

    Opinion AFL Playing Kits - Dark/Coloured Home with a White Away Kit

    If the AFL put a rule in place that every club needed to provide only 2 Jumpers for the season and they had to follow the following 2 rules what jumpers do you think clubs would go with. Rules: 1. The clubs home jumper must be either a dark or coloured strip 2. The clubs away jumper must be...
  2. TheNextPicken

    A3 Footy Podcast - Post Season Reviews and Beyond Thread

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd take the time and put my Bigfooty account to good use (finally!) and share with you a thread to link all our episodes from our Post-Season Review episodes and the episodes down the track (Like Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street, we ain't fu**in' leaving!). Below...
  3. acm21

    News New Jumpers for 2022

    With the afl home and away season coming to an end, I thought it would be good to start a thread for big footy Christmas. Looking for confirmed, rumoured or speculation of changes to the afl and aflw kits, sponsors and, potentially, logo changes for the 2022 season.
  4. Swooping_Magpie

    Portfolio AFL Jumper redesigns by Swooping_Magpie

    Following the 2021 AFL Grand Final, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan has announced some major changes for each teams jumper set for the 2022 AFL Season The changes are as follows: -All teams will sign with Swooping Magpie Sportswear for the next 5 years -Every team must design a Home, Away and...
  5. Dexter6

    Michael Christian and the MRO

    Not sure if there is already a thread for this, but at this point it's just getting ridiculous. The amount of inconsistency from Match Review Officer Michael Christian is a detriment on the AFL. The sooner they realise this, sack him and implement a consistent system of grading, the better off...
  6. F


  7. Geelong Cats | Weekly Show | Episode 6

    Geelong Cats | Weekly Show | Episode 6

    Grab your favourite drink and put on a nice warm pair of socks. Let's go!Shows:- Match Reviews:
  8. Nickimus Rex

    Competition 2021 Comp - So You Think We Won't Clash - Week 2 - GWS Giants

    Congrats to our first week winner magpienato! Welcome to So You Think We Won't Clash! The comp that pretends it has a primetime timeslot but really is sitting casually on a weekday afternoon. GWS Giants - Charcoal The Rules **NOTE RULE CHANGES** You must build a single AFL kit for this...
  9. Nickimus Rex

    Poll 2021 Comp - So You Think We Won't Clash - Week 1 - Melbourne Demons - Poll

    Welcome to So You Think We Won't Clash voting line, polls are now open! 1. GB Designs 2. magpienato 3. Nickimus Rex 4. cannavo Can I ask anyone that has been nominated to select their team for week 2? Also just a general rule that I will introduce moving forward; realistic kits are okay...
  10. M

    afl football signed Richmond football

    afl football signed Richmond football On Ebay
  11. acm21

    UTAS Stadium Upgrade

    Launceston Council has revealed plans to upgrade UTAS Stadium (with an additional 7500 seats) and the building of a indoor sports centre\arena of 5000 that would be able to host multiple sports including basketball.
  12. BringBackTheAnchor

    Portfolio Australian Football League a 2000 vision

    The Backstory The Year is 1985 and the VFL wants to expand interstate but the Football Boards in all states refuse to enter unless the soon to be dubbed ''AFL Competition" was balanced enough to truly showcase each states talent. Talks continue but the VFL doesn't want to budge and the SANFL and...
  13. B

    New AFL Fan

    New AFL fan finding huge respect for the sport through reactions.. (If this is not allowed please dont send hate just remove)
  14. G

    Australian Rules State of Origin Football.

    The VFL, SANFL and WAFL invented the concept. Every year I'm frustrated with the Rugby League world run their state of Origin competition. The AFL could run a SoO knockout with all the states (combining ACT with NSW and please just call it NSW). The final two teams each year could play a three...
  15. GoldenMagpie16

    Prediction 2021 Early Ladder Predictions

    This is based on gut feeling at this current time. I will post plenty more predictions as the months pass by 1. Brisbane (Best Forward Line, one of the best defences and one of the best midfield in the league) 2. Richmond (Simply unstoppable at times, but will drop a few games) 3. St Kilda...
  16. SomeNorthFan

    Discussion AFL Scoreboard "GOAL!" Animations and Motion Graphics Thread

    This Thread is dedicated to those short animations that play on the scoreboard after a team has scored a goal, i am looking to see different teams scoreboard Goal animations throughout history, if you have footage of one, post it here.
  17. JonoMate

    Most overrated player in the AFL currently?

    Listen gents, I'm not one to loathe AFL players unless they're from Collingwood or Richmond. But currently, who is the most overrated player in the AFL at the moment? I'll start us off with a little bit of Tex Walker
  18. HelloGameDay


    Hi all! The 6th episode of the ‘Hello Game Day Podcast’ is up, and this week our guest is the milestone man, Brayden Maynard who will play his 100th game for the Pies this weekend! The interview with Brayden is the whole second half of the show, where we get him with a few great stitch ups...
  19. Kaizon

    The Footy Report

    Hey everyone! I've started a new weekly sport news program on the AFL called 'The Footy Report'. The pilot episode I produced, wrote, presented and edited myself (and dealing with diagreeable lighting proved slightly annoying when dealing with green screen!)