1. Keystone agony

    AFL Marsh Series 2020

    Couldn't see a thread I'm on the doggies tonight 1u Dogs -5.5 @1.89 half time North without: Higgins, Ziebell, Tarrant, Ben Brown, Polec and LDU (Plus Goldy and Cunnington have been picked for All stars game) WBD without: Wood, Suckling, J.Bruce and T.English (Bont and MacRae picked in All...
  2. TimothyJ23

    Portfolio 2020 Fixture Wallpapers

    I'm back again 👀 So far complete are: DESKTOP: ✅ AFLW Fixture ✅ Adelaide Crows AFLW ✅ Brisbane Lions AFLW ✅ Collingwood AFLW ✅ Fremantle AFLW ✅ St Kilda AFLW AFLW Not complete: Carlton, Geelong, GWS, Gold Coast, Melbourne, North, Richmond, West Coast, Western Bulldogs Please request if you...
  3. K

    MCC Membership nomination form

    G’day guys! New to the forums here!! My son and i are avid melbourne supporters and cricket lovers and would to put our names down on the mcc waiting list. (Eventhough it may take a long time) However we are struggling to find anyone willing to be our proposer and seconder for the application...
  4. jmac91

    Portfolio My AFL Alternative History - New Millennium, New History!

    What If I Created the AFL from the VFL? What Would Be Different? What Would stay the Same? In the Lead up to the 2019 Grand Final, I would be showing you My Alternative AFL History. This would be done by a Timeline Style in which I show you all the Teams Home & Clash Jumpers in the 2000 Season.
  5. David_Full

    Dale Morris retires should we pick him up as Development Coach?

    This guy will have no trouble getting a role at a club, he will have plenty of clubs enquiring about he's services. I think we should get him ASAP he is loves the game is very passionate & experienced. What do you guys think?
  6. jmac91

    Should the AFL get rid of VFL Premierships and only count AFL?

    In Advance, If this thread is in the wrong place, move it. Now, with the recent talks of the AFL possibly counting VFA premierships as AFL Premierships, I would like to bring forward the reverse. There has been 37 years since the first full time Interstate club (South Melbourne to Sydney), 29...
  7. A

    News Demons to continue with New Balance for 3 more years
  8. David_Full

    Dion Prestia v Dylan Shiel

    Who do you think is a better player? I asked my brother who is a Doggies supporter "what do you think of Dion Prestia's season?" and he said he reminds me of Dylan Shiel sort of on that level and it got me thinking these guys are awfully similar in numbers even height and build that short...
  9. BlueAbroad

    Analysis Who is the best inside mid of 2019?

    Took a look at the top 5 inside midfielders in the AFL according to Champion Data Interesting to see how they stack up against each other. What do you think?
  10. inanunda

    The Lace Out AFL Podcast

    Hi All, Lace Out has been going for almost 50 episodes and have loved all the feedback we have received from the BigFooty audience. From this week one, we will add our latest episode to this thread for you to listen to. Here is the Round 14 review: Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Google...
  11. inanunda

    Lace Out's "A Chat with Grant Thomas"

    I had the opportunity to chat with Grant Thomas for a full hour. An honest, no-frills, direct to the point from Thommo. Here is the synopsis: "Grant Thomas has been a player, a coach, and isn't shy in giving his opinion on the current AFL product. Host Chris Pepper chats with Grant Thomas...
  12. JayRamz

    Geelong Cats round 12

    What a stage the MCG is on a Friday night! Under the lights at Australia's Colosseum were 2 historic clubs ready to battle it out in Richmond and Geelong. The critics were predicting the biggest fall from grace by the cats this year, saying Ablett was washed up, Dangerfield might be another...
  13. Samiam_98

    Opinion Most important game of our season

    Here's a list of the games we have after the bye. Round 14 v St Kilda (Marvel) Round 15 v Melbourne (Gabba) Round 16 v GWS (GIA) Round 17 v Port Adelaide (Adelaide Oval) Round 18 v North Melbourne (Gabba) Round 19 v Hawthorn (Tasmania) Round 20 v Bulldogs (Gabba) Round 21 v Gold Coast (Gabba)...
  14. jmac91

    Vic Clubs Playing Games at Old Home Grounds

    Now I might be pushing this but, with recent talk of the Bulldog's Expanding The Western Oval and talks of them playing 'heritage' games there. Should Victoria Clubs, and AFL clubs in general, play 'heritage' games at their old Grounds. Yes this might be a bit outrageous but I kind of like the...
  15. TheAFLtragicican

    Good AFL Podcasts

    Greetings Big Footy people. I do a reasonable amount of travelling and was hoping for some recommendations on good AFL podcasts. Preferably ones with good insight and/or humourous. I have been listening to Rip Through It by Mitch Robinson and also The Variety Hour by Titus O'Reily and Sergio...
  16. Samiam_98

    Opinion Chances of the Lions getting another opportunity to play at Mars Stadium

    As a Lions supporter, I was disappointed in their round 8 loss when they fell short to the Bulldogs at Mars Stadium. But, it was a good match and I'd want them to get more opportunities to play in Ballarat to improve on their previous performance.
  17. TheVineSport

    Podcast with Travis Varcoe

    Check out this in depth conversation with Collingwood footballer Travis Varcoe. The podcast goes into detail about his storey, his battle with racist internet trolls and the passing of his sister Maggie. Trav also talk about his time at Geelong, where he won two premierships as well as at...
  18. aflfootyfanatic


  19. ClarkeM

    Games & Recreation Join the Sweet FA BigFooty Fantasy League!

    Hello former football rejects, Twitter-abusers, crowd-booer's and super coaches telling teams how to play footy while cradling a pie and a beer... How would you like to kick goals, take screamers, crunch tackles and banter about your opponent being benched halfway through the first quarter for...
  20. aflfootyfanatic

    AFL umpires and their blunders.

    AFL umpires, we love to hate em' some calls go in our favor and some go against, so banter away. talk shit all you want just don't get to carried away.

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