1. TimothyJ23

    Portfolio 2020 Fixture Wallpapers

    I'm back again 👀 So far complete are: DESKTOP: ✅ AFLW Fixture ✅ Adelaide Crows AFLW ✅ Brisbane Lions AFLW ✅ Collingwood AFLW ✅ Fremantle AFLW ✅ St Kilda AFLW AFLW Not complete: Carlton, Geelong, GWS, Gold Coast, Melbourne, North, Richmond, West Coast, Western Bulldogs Please request if you...
  2. biaseddustyfan

    Richmond dodgy fixture

    Why is the media not talking about Richmond having the dodgiest fixture ever this year? Barely played at their homeground for the first 16 rounds (6 out of 16) and when they did it was against other MCG tenants. Didn't get to play at their homeground for a month at one point. Meanwhile Geelong...
  3. O_Grinners17

    Roast Ridiculous fixture quirks and stuff ups

    So I was looking at previous fixtures today and I stumbled across the fact that the last 7 times we have played norf in the home and away season, only one of which has been a Richmond home game. And it was in round 23 at ETIHAD, 2015, meaning that our last home game (in the regular season)...
  4. BallaratBulldog

    Autopsy 2019 Bulldogs Fixture

    Bored of lack of trades or sick of trade talk/negativity? Then let's discuss the Doggies fixture! Set to be realeased in roughly a week and rumors usually float around beforehand. Until then I have a few questions for you! What timeslots are your preferred to attend the footy? (There's a poll...
  5. TigerTime_89

    Roast 2019 Fixture

    All the news, predictions, complaints and melts about Richmond's 2019 Fixture will be posted here.
  6. dazbroncos

    Unofficial Preview Geelong V the Unofficial Preview - Elim Final V Demons

    Put all the chat about the Cats lead up into the Finals Bye week and who we are preparing for here. Will roll over into the Elimination Final preview thread Go Catters Ray Donovan wonderful preview post Melbourne B: Neville Jetta,Oscar McDonald,Jordan Lewis HB Christian Salem,Sam...
  7. DaveLister

    Prediction 2018 Fixture

    Last year we did well in terms of location and 6 day breaks but we got dogged in the strength of our double ups. Depending on which analysis you look at we had somewhere between the hardest and the 4th hardest draw as a result of playing; x2 WCE (8th regular, 6th finals) x2 Essendon (7th...
  8. GremioPower

    ON AFL'S FIXTURE - Proposal

    I. Every team plays 22 games (11 home and 11 away) and have a bye week; - Games between Victorian and non-Victorian teams would happen between, and including, Rounds 14 and 23. II. All teams (18) play every other team once; - 17 matches; III. For the remaining 5 matches: a. Victorian teams...
  9. M

    A new concept for the AFL fixture

    I have created a new concept that seeks to solve the current issues with the fixture, without having to go to the 17-5 or conference ideas that are being looked at. This new fixture will become 23 games, with 6 double ups, instead of the current 22 with 5, I believe this is achievable and...
  10. TimothyJ23

    Prediction 2017 Fixture wishlist/discussion

    Couldn't see one of these so thought I'd get into it. If we could keep this thread free of discussion around players and coaching staff and focus on timing, grounds, timeslots etc of course... Anyway... I was frustrated and disappointed by the 2016 fixture for a number of reasons...
  11. lewdogs

    Extra days rest and fixture fairness

    I was just having a little melt over on the Saints board about our fixture. Thought I'd go through our draw and I noticed that over the course of the season there's a discrepancy with our breaks compared to opposition. 4 times it's the same 6 times a longer break 11 times a shorter break than...
  12. Dylan82

    Ultimate AFL Fixture Guide - Season 2016 Release

    The 2016 Season release is finally here! Better yet, due to the ongoing fire sale of the economy whilst our "honest" representatives fiddle playing pin the dildo on the ideological butt-pirate, I’ve had more time to put this year’s edition together whilst still getting paid – thanks guys...