1. JackNah_8

    Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial: What to expect in the case against the ex-Theranos CEO

    Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial: What to expect in the case against the ex-Theranos CEO Alexis Keenan ·Reporter . This is going to be an interesting case, I doubt we will hear any truth from Holmes.
  2. Kurve

    Current Liberal candidate Adam Brooks resigns one day after being elected.

    Brooks will not be taking his seat in Parliament, citing mental health concerns. After police raided an apartment in Brisbane, Brooks was charged with possession of a handgun, ammunition and false Victorian driver's licenses. This is just the latest in a string of allegations Brooks has...
  3. Kurve

    Current Founder of crypto exchange Thodex has fled with $2.6B of investors assets

    Out of Turkey but might be interesting to see how long Ozer can last and how it's eventually resolved. Turkish prosecutors have opened an investigation after the Istanbul-based founder of a cryptocurrency exchange shut down his site and fled the country with a reported $US2 billion ($2.6...
  4. Kurve

    Current GoFundMe backfires & swindles

    Had to happen, didn't it? We have our own GoFundMe controversy for homeless Trolley Man on Burke Street who's had well in excess of $100,000 raised and whom the police are now hunting down on outstanding burglary warrants...
  5. Kurve

    Scam Peter Foster conman & sports betting boiler room scams

    Peter Clarence Foster (born 26 September 1962) is an Australian career criminal who's been imprisoned in Australia, Britain, the US and Vanuatu for a variety of offences related to weight loss and other scams as well as absconding from justice. His convictions range from fraud and money...
  6. Kurve

    Solved Man posing as a woman jailed for FRAUD & indecent assault on another man

    A man who posed as a woman in an online ad, luring victims to his Melbourne apartment to fulfil a "fantasy", has been jailed. Peter Valsamakis, 42, posted ads on classifieds site Locanto, pretending to be "Michelle" and asking men to arrive at his South Yarra apartment, put on a blindfold and...
  7. Kurve

    Current Salim Mehajer

    "I just wanted to serve the community … for love" Salim Mehajer sentenced to 21 months' jail for electoral fraud Former Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer will spend at least 11 months in jail for rigging the 2012 local NSW government election — the election that rocketed him into the public...
  8. miggs

    Words from a whistleblower: Millky95 confirmed as piece of sh-t

    Ok this has gone on too far. I demand that Mellty95 be stripped of his captains armband due to briging the game into disrepute. This was posted in another thread and widely aknowledged as a gross misuse of captain's power. He needs to be called out as the fraud he is. Promoting his own rookie...