1. thecuzsays

    Andrejs everitt Fitness After Football

    Former AFL player Andrejs Everitt joins me today in a Back & Bis workout. Post football Dre has taken a liking to the world of health & fitness and here you see him In top shape performing a back/bi workout tailored towards his physique. Dre brings elite endurance into the gym and has recently...
  2. Kaizon

    AFL Gym Training....need assistance

    Hey everyone. I'm now returning to Aussie Rules after a 2 year break and have already started pre-season training since November (currently in the christmas break with training due to restart next month). I'm also a major gym junkie and often go 4-5 times a week, but I've been seriously...
  3. L

    What I don't understand

    What I don't understand is how everyone says if you are trying to build muscle you shouldn't be doing more than 2-3 cardio workouts a week, otherwise you start to lose muscle. Looking at AFL players, it doesn't quite make sense. They do lots of gym, and a hell of a lot of running, and somehow...