1. marwentkd

    NFl Schedule 2020 Rumors

  2. Wow, sir

    Wow, sir

  3. T

    Expansion Is the AFL good for footy?

    It could be argued that the AFL administration are a law unto themselves. An unelected elite of football technocrats, who are acting much like an AFL Kremlin. The AFL chose to pursue the American NFL franchise system rather than the English Premier League divisional system. I think it could be...
  4. Kurt Benkert

    Kurt Benkert

  5. Yeraffyerheid

    MLB Fantasy

    Hi, I run a website purely out of frustration because in Australia we aren't eligible to enter into any cash leagues in the US so i have created a website for mlb afl and more, I have run sc leagues for a while with a few members from this...
  6. J Shuttlesworth

    NFL 2017 - NFL Predictions Competition

    Helping GG.exe to get this underway again as I think it's a fun one to keep going. No prizes or cash involved, just pride, knowledge and the minerals to post what you really think. All welcome to participate. All submissions must be entered before 23:59pm Thursday, September 7. Entrants to...
  7. Blacky

    Fantasy Find a league, expressions of interest and fantasy advice

    Hi all, Please post expressions of interest if you would like to join a fantasy league this season. Given we often start our drafts much earlier than most league's because we do our drafts in their threads, we usually get a few people missing out. Just let us know Type...
  8. Peyton Manning

    Peyton Manning

  9. NFC East

    NFC East

  10. 2015 Post of the year

    2015 Post of the year

  11. Rodgers tablet

    Rodgers tablet

  12. Jags fans

    Jags fans

  13. Why everyone hates kickers.

    Why everyone hates kickers.

  14. The highlight the AFC West last season.

    The highlight the AFC West last season.

    Also could be the Broncos QB with an arm like that
  15. Norm Landrover

    Other Rules/Sanctions Survey

    G'day, all! I am conducting an overall sport survey focusing on how rules are brought about and how they are being enforced, primarily within the Big 4 North American sports and the NCAA. While I do not discuss footy, rugby, soccer, or cricket, there is something that while not directly...
  16. magpienato

    NFL The Best QB of All Time: Poll

    As the title says, who is the best QB? Just a few statements before you throw me under the bus for not picking your teams QB; - These QB's have been selected due to their prominence during their entire careers, not just one or two fluke seasons. - This is strictly NFL, post 1966 merging. sorry...
  17. magpienato

    Portfolio NFL + AFL Jumper Crossovers

    Hey guys! So I've been on this forum for specifically the Jumper Graphic Design thread and really love seeing the awesome designs you guys make. Although I haven't been here for long, I feel as if it's my turn to contribute something. With that said I decided to mix my two favorite sport...
  18. drd23

    NFL 2017 NFL Hall of Fame Nominees

    So the nominees have been named for next years HoF class and there's been a bit of controversy caused by it. MODERN-ERA NOMINEES FOR THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2017 *Finalist in 2016 (Players and coaches must have last played or coached at least five full seasons ago to be eligible...
  19. Dixie Flatline

    Fantasy 2016 BigFooty Mock Draft Board

    Rules Draft commences ASAP (once fuey gets us going) Only post your selection (including a write-up and a photo of your selected player) - all discussion will be in the discussion thread As noted, please post the name, position and college of the drafted player, together with a photo and a...
  20. GG.exe

    NFL (15/16) Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers