1. FKASC

    List Mgmt. Trade & Draft UltraThread- Warning, May Contain Speculation #combinethethreads Sack Vozzo
  2. kreglze

    List Mgmt. 2019 Draft/Trade/FA Thread - Final Wrap

    Early start I know. But not completely irrelevant with a spot on our list open for the supplementary pick. We have till mid March to use that, otherwise we can use it in the mid season draft. Also after watching the Dogs we really lack that all star midfielder. Should be looking at picking up...
  3. BallaratBulldog

    Autopsy Our best player that's been traded in

    I'm sure you guys have noticed our little countdown on club pages and social media that count down our best players traded in. What are your thoughts? They put Eagleton at number 1. While I love the guy it's an interesting pick amoungst other names. The rest were as follows: No. 10 – Shane...
  4. Lore

    Resource 2018 Key Dates & Player Thread Directory

    AFL TRADE, DRAFT AND FREE AGENCY DATES 2018 Restricted and unrestricted free agency window 9am Friday October 5 - 5pm Friday October 12 AFL trade period – players and picks 10am Monday October 8 - 8.30pm Wednesday October 17 AFL trade period – picks only 9am Thursday October 18 to 2pm Friday...
  5. Lystics AFL Podcast

    AFL podcast on trade and drafting

    Hey friends from Bigfooty. I've started a new football podcast that I'd love to share with you all. In this new podcast, we pull apart the playing lists of AFL clubs, analyse the key indicators, and determine who they should resign, delist, make a play for in trade/free agency, draft, and what...
  6. HappyRed

    Opinion Dayne Beams to Collingwood.

    Just curious, It's been many years now since he left our revered club, and I think he has shown some development at Brisbane, at least from maturity. What would your reaction be if you read the above headline in the news in next years trade period and on that note, IF Dayna beams asked for a...
  7. BullySoC

    Trades Trading draft picks

    guys What’s the best way to set up draft pick trading, afl fantasy app doesn’t allow but is there another app or spreadsheet I could use Many thanks BullySoC
  8. El_ahrairah

    List Mgmt. Welcome Brendon Ah Chee

    We've got high hopes! Oh we've got high hopes!
  9. W

    List Mgmt. Has their been any players that haven’t gone to their preferred destination?

    Has their ever been a player to not go to their preferred destination? If so, name them below!
  10. Gysenn

    Prediction Time Capsule: Who will have the better career? Motlop, Cockatoo or Parfitt

    The year is 2030. All three of Steven Motlop, Nakia Cockatoo and Brandon Parfitt have hung up the boots. A 68-year-old Brian 'Bristle' Taylor is admiring a fresh-faced Cats draftee from, in his words, "up north". He tells listeners the youngster reminds him of champion Geelong player from the...
  11. The Old Dark Navy's

    Analysis 2017 List Management Discussion

    In age order as of 1/1/2017 In height order: In games order: In goal average order:
  12. ljamest36

    Trades that left you speechless

    I know the trade periods literally just finished-but Deledio's move to GWS has left me with a disgusting taste in my mouth...and I'm not even a tigers fan and its made me pretty curious. I'd like to see what other people on this forum think is the most shocking trade in VFL/AFL history or one...
  13. J

    Fixing the defensive woes

    I see the pies defence as a growing concern, and the uncertain futures of Brown, Frost doesn't really help. But you look at the best teams and they have that general down back steadying the ship, Burgoyne - Hawthorn, Boyd - Bulldogs, Enright (Formerly) Cats. We saw the cracks start to show...
  14. kreglze

    Rumour Gold Coast Suns Trade Rumour Team of 2016

    With the amount of rumours in the media and on here about the people we are into I thought I would keep a running record of players we have links to and see what sort of team we could come up with. Let me know if I miss anyone. It is the silly season for a reason. I'll update this team as we...
  15. TiarneSwersky

    List Mgmt. The Offseason: Fremantle

    The Offseason will be a series of articles analysing each team’s list management, trade and free agency targets, and the biggest recruitment decisions to be made as the end of another season approaches. The Bombers were first up, and now it’s time for the Dockers. What they need? Apart from a...
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