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1 – Basic Conduct and Etiquette

1.1: Spirit of the game: All captains, players and random viewers of the BigFooty Fantasy Cricket League must adhere to the spirit of the game. This is an Online Cricket League with egos and attitude running amok. Mild-Medium abuse is tolerated; however a warning then suspension will occur if the abuse is considered to be unreasonable by the administrator.

Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Sexual comment or any other abuse directed at a player’s Ethnic, cultural or religious background will not be tolerated and is punishable by warning, suspension or permanent suspension from the game depending upon severity.

Swearing is governed by the BigFooty rules; however the board administrator has the authority to act in addition to the BigFooty moderators and administrators. This may result in a warning, suspension or permanent suspension from the game depending upon severity

The Golden Rule in BigFooty Fantasy Cricket Board posting: Never take anything personally or too seriously. Nothing in here is directed at the person but the player and their team. If you feel as if you are getting attacked personally PM the BigFooty Fantasy Cricket League Administrator to investigate the claim. If it’s found to be indeed personal action will be taken.

1.2: Captains conduct: Captains are the most significant members of the club. Captains therefore are responsible for the publicity, attitude, integrity and image of the club as that is how the fellow players of that club will more than likely emulate. Captains of each club are usually the biggest talkers and the biggest egos of the competition however all captains must also follow these laws and etiquette more strictly than most as it is their club’s image they are responsible for promoting, upholding and bettering.

1.3: The Game

This season we will be using the cricksim sim for 1 Day games. This season will consist of 6 teams, 10 rounds, and 10 H&A games plus finals.

The League

There is one competitions: 1 Day, in 2020 there will be 6 teams (listed below) and they will play 5 rounds in each competition, playing each team once home and away

Squad sizes
Squads must have a minimum of 12 players and maximum of 18 players

The Teams
Blue Mountains Bounders
Brisbane Dolphins
Melbourne Bolts
Northern Phoenix
Red Centre Kangaroos
West Coast Whales

Player Types

The Player Types are:
* Wicketkeeper
* Batter
* Batting All Rounder
* Pure All Rounder
* Bowling All Rounder
* Bowler

If you are a batter you'll also have to choose (or use whatever you are in real life, either one) what handed batter you are: Left Handed Or Right Handed

A bowling option will also need to be added to the player details:

The choices are:
* Right Arm Fast Medium
* Left Arm Fast Medium
* Right Arm Fast
* Left Arm Fast
* Right Arm Leg Break
* Right Arm Off Spin
* Left Arm Spin
* Right Arm Medium
* Left Arm Medium
* Keeper

The player average are:
Type: Batting average / bowling average
Pure Batter: 43/99 test 45/99 od
Keeper: 42/99 test 43/99 od
Batting All-Rounder: 31/32 test 33/32 od
Pure All-Rounder: 28/29 test 30/29 od
Bowling All-Rounder: 25/26 test 27/26 od
Pure Bowler: 19/19 test 21/19 od

Obviously good results and good form are essential when you do get selected but Captains are encouraged to select players who post on this board regularly and get into the game e.g. Sledging the opposition, releasing "Press Releases, Articles, Player Interviews with popular media representatives" about you & your team and how highly/egotistically you rate your chances, having your say in issues that arise etc etc
Basically if you post on this board frequently you should get more games and find you have a lot more fun boasting.

2 – Game Day

2.1: Selecting teams: Each captain has to select a team and post it in the appropriate match thread before the time specified. There are minimum requirements for each team of 11: The home captain must post pitch and team 24 hours before the specified start of the game.

Minimum 1 Wicketkeeper
Minimum of 4 of bowling ability
The captain must name each player in the team in batting order. "Unchanged" will not be a valid selection, but should be posted below an unchanged team to help the administrator.

Violation of this rule will result in that team being considered void and the captain will have to re-select the team before the deadline. Failure to submit a team after posting one with an invalid selection will result in a warning and the team from last round used. If a team fails to submit their team and/or pitch by the deadline twice they will be docked a point for each breach for the remainder of the season. Vice Captains may also be responsible for selection if the captain doesn’t appear to be present however if the Captain does post a team that will be the team recognised.

2.2: Late submission of teams in Round 1: Late submission of a team or pitch in Round 1 will result in the club responsible being warned and the team being selected by the administrator of the league. The pitch will be ‘random’.

2.3: Late submission of teams after Round 1: Late submission of a team or pitch after Round 1 will result in the club responsible being warned up to twice before being docked 2 points for every breach afterwards. The team will be that used in the previous game of that type, where possible. In the event of a suspended player having been played in the previous game the Administrator shall select a substitute. The pitch shall be ‘random’ if not selected in time.

2.4: Late submission of teams during finals: Late submission of a team during finals will result in the club responsible having a team selected based on that of their previous match. In the event of a suspended player having been played in the previous game the Administrator shall select a substitute.

2.5: Submission of pitch condition: Once the pitch is selected by the captain it cannot be changed.

2.6 Submission of teams: Once the teams have been submitted by the captain of the side then the team is final. Please only edit the original post and not create a secondary post with an alternate team sheet.

2.7: Day delays: If the Administrator of the competition is away or for some other reason unable to fulfil his/her duty, the days of play missed in Administrators absence may be posted in one day. The administrator may delegate an appropriate person to take his/her role whilst unable to post the matches required.

5 – Squad Management

5.1: Squad sizes: The minimum amount of players required to make a club is 12 players (in case one player is suspended). The maximum amount of players permitted in a squad is 18.

5.2: Player complaints within a club: If any player has a complaint about a club or has a desire to overthrow a captain then its best advised that player find another club. The captain is basically the club president and has the final say on all individual matters related within that club, however should the captain not perform his duties under these rules the club may poll it’s players and democratically elect another captain.

5.3: Suspensions: Players may be suspended by the Administrator for a significant indiscretion in which case they are not allowed to be selected to play in a team for the duration of the suspension. Club captains shall be notified about suspended players by the Administrator.

5.4: BigFooty enforced suspensions: Users on BigFooty that have received a Red Card on another BigFooty board will not be available for selection during that period. Players that have been banned from returning to BigFooty will also be banned from the BigFooty Fantasy Cricket League and automatically delisted. It is the responsibility of Club captains to ensure no banned players are selected and that their team list is amended.

5.5: Submissions of squads: Captains shall submit squads to the Administrator before the appointed date. Squads submitted after the date indicated will be left out for the next season. All club captains will be notified of the dates of squad submission. The squad submitted should show all players names and types. The Administrator will ensure that all squads are posted on one thread showing player types and any Bonus points for the new season. No addition, deletion or change to a squad may occur unless the administrator is notified, finds it acceptable and updates the squad list.

5.6: Aliases: No aliases of any playing BigFooty user will be allowed to play (Max = 1 identity per player). Any player found in violation of this rule will be suspended for half the season - full season.
Players may only play under their registered BigFooty name.

5.7 Administrator. The administrator shall run the competition to the best of his/her ability. The administrator may delegate responsibility to other appropriate persons where it is prudent or where an unexpected occurrence precludes him/her from fulfilling duties.
Duties include but are not limited to
Letting all captains know deadlines
Collecting and Posting full squad details of all teams.
Providing a fixture list
Posting matches (For clarity the posted start time will always be Melbourne time)
Simulating and posting each game in a timely and reasonable fashion.
Posting league tables and statistics in a reasonable time frame
Supervising the posting in threads and administering any necessary punishments.

5.8 Steering Committee.
Decisions to be made by consensus on the main board

6 Scoring of Points

6.1 Tests
6.1.1 For a win, 6 points, plus any points scored in the first innings.
6.1.2 In a tie, each side to score 3 points, plus any points scored in the first innings.
6.1.3 In a drawn match, each side to score 1 point, plus any points scored in the first innings (see also paragraph 6.1.6).
6.1.5 First Innings Points (awarded only for performances in the first 100 overs of each first innings and retained whatever the result of the match).
Bonus batting .01 for every run above 200 in the first 100 overs of the first innings of each team only
Bonus bowling 0.1 for taking each wicket in the first 100 overs of the first innings of each team only
For the avoidance of doubt, "wickets taken" shall relate exclusively to batsmen dismissed under Laws 30 to 39 inclusive and to batsmen retired out.
6.1.6 If a match is abandoned without a ball being bowled, each side to score 3 points.

6.2 One Day Games
6.2.1 4 points for a win
6.2.2 2 points for a no-result or a tie
6.2.3 0 points for a loss
6.2.4 1 bonus point if a team achieves a run rate 1.25 times that of the opposition
6.2.5 2 bonus points if a team achieves a run rate twice that of the opposition

6.3 T20 Games
6.3.1 2 points for a win
6.3.2 1 point for a no-result or a tie

7 - Finals

Finals will be between the top 4 sides
Semi Finals
1st Semi Final: 3rd v 4th
2nd Semi Final: 1st v 2nd

Preliminary Final
Loser of 2nd Semi Final v Winner of 1st Semi Final

Grand Final
Winner of 2nd Semi Final v Winner of Preliminary Final

In the event of a tie or draw in a finals game, the match will be replayed using the same team selection, on a neutral ground, and with a random pitch.

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