Rookie 26. Luke Parks

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Nov 8, 2000
Head in the clouds
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Nottingham Forest
such a great kid. no frills, humble, hard working type that quietly goes about his work and with that headband he has a flying doormat feel about him (apart from not being partly bold :p)
What are you talking about? He is fully bold. Still has all of his hair though.

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Premiership Player
Jul 12, 2010
AFL Club
I know there's a long way to go with him but when was the last time we nailed a rookie pick like this? By nailed I mean essentially straight into the 1s and making an impact.

Jeff Garlett? That's 11 years - surely there is a more recent one I'm not remembering?

Edit forgot Ed Curnow a year later in 2010. Still 10 years.
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