Leagues BFA (promotion/relegation) League 8

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So after eight rounds it's tigland and Sammy1992 on top of the table on seven wins, with NSWCROW just one win behind.

Then there are a whole bunch of teams on five wins: doug85, Schmidty93, westcats, Chewy Chewman, Test Tickle and evo who is just out of the top eight.

Remember you have to make the preliminary final to get automatic promotion to League 7 next year.

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Also on five wins, in tenth spot, is Nalts, with La Dispute and Deledio_Judd on four wins and by no means out of contention for finals.

With just the three wins we have Schmidty93 's dad and Hazekiller.

yeliab_86 has two wins, Dominic03 has just one, and namtrak and EagleOz have yet to open their account.

Thankfully for these bottom teams there is no relegation from this league, but the higher you finish means you are a chance for wildcard promotion if teams drop out in higher leagues.

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