Competitions Ching 2021: Western Bulldogs BigFooty B&F - back for 2021

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Aug 11, 2003
The Swamp
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Yes the Ching is back once again - and no, Tim English is still not a pup!!!

In 2019, Marcus Bontempelli was victorious, but he was usurped by Tom Liberatore in 2020 and pushed down to 3rd by the ever Ching consistent, Jackson Macrae. Bailey Smith won the pups again, going bark to bark. The pressing question is - can he do the 3peat not seen since the heady days of the Bont in 2015-2017?

As part of the BigFooty tradition for the Western Bulldogs forum we again continue with the Ching award, which you have the opportunity to vote for who you think were the best bulldogs players of the match for the week. The scoring for the Ching award is calculated on a weekly basis as an aggregate score over the season for which player accumulates the highest overall votes in the Senior and Pup category.

How the scoring works:

At the conclusion of each game a weekly Ching vote thread will be created and a call for votes for who you think were the better/best players on the day. Everyone can vote for the 2 categories of players that we have which are Seniors and Pups.

How do you vote?

- your top 5 players for that game
5 (your BOG) -4 -3 -2 -1

Pups - your top 3 kids for that game

3 (your BOG pup)-2-1

What is a Senior player and what is a Pup player?

Seniors is anyone off of the list who played that day, Pups is restricted to voting for the junior players who are 21 or under at the start of the season. They can turn 22 during the season but must be 21 when it commences.

Each week the Ching vote thread will include the eligible Pup players for the game.

What is the "Ching" award?

William 'Ching' Harris

The redoubtable William 'Ching' Harris was one of the greatest defenders of his time, and gave Footscray service of the highest order for almost twenty years. Always impeccably turned out, Harris was a great favourite among the Tricolours' female supporters, with his Chinese moustache and fringe conveying just the right intimation of exotic intrigue, besides giving rise to the 'Ching' nickname.

Harris made his VFA debut with Footscray in 1896, the last season before the VFL schism. The following year he was joined on the last line of defence by the equally talented 'Paddy' Hinch, and over the course of the next dozen years the pair developed an acute mutual understanding, providing the Tricolours with the best defensive partnership in the Association in the process. The familiar sight of 'Ching' Harris careering out of the backlines while Hinch dropped back to provide cover was one of which the Footscray supporters never tired; neither did they mind it when Harris, as was his wont, elected to 'mix it' with the opposition - football, after all, was a man's game. Nevertheless, Harris sometimes took his liking for a stoush too far, and on one occasion in 1903 he ended up in court charged with assaulting a Richmond opponent. Two years later he was rubbed out for the entire season after repeatedly falling foul of the umpires.

Somewhat ironically, given the often acrimonious nature of his dealings with officialdom, William Harris maintained his involvement in football after the Great War by serving as a VFL goal umpire.

William ‘Ching’ Harris
Fullback who played nearly 300 games over a record 20 seasons, including five premierships.

Inducted: 2010
Games: 296+ (1896–1904, 1906–15) Goals: 32+
Premierships: 1898, 1899, 1900, 1908, 1913

Pioneers - Footscray-Western Bulldogs Hall of Fame

From the club’s beginnings and its first game in the VFA (1886), through nine VFA premierships and the establishment of the club’s red, white and blue colours and the hooped jumper, this era ended with the victory over Essendon in the 1924 Championship of Victoria game, paving the way for entry into the VFL.

Ching Harris was inducted as a member of the Thirteen ‘Pioneers’ which were inducted at the inaugural Hall of Fame in 2010, for contributions made from the club’s inception to the end of its time in the VFA.

In honor of William "Ching" Harris, we have dedicated the award in his name to Western Bulldogs players since 2002

The “Clay Smith”
The Clay Smith award was a new addition to the Ching last year. You may vote for one player each week who was the most courageous player of the week. This is calculated via a running total each week. You can only vote once each week and only for one player. Will reigning champ Libba take home the choccies agin this year or will he be bettered by another?
This award is to recognise a player that may not be the best player but the one who puts themselves in harms way or sacrifices their own game for the good of the team- not the one who is the first in to “fly the flag”.

Ching Honour Board
2002 - Luke Darcy
2003 - Scott West
2004 - Scott West
2005 - Scott West
2006 - Scott West
2007 - Matthew Boyd
2008 - Adam Cooney
2009 - Matthew Boyd
2010 - Ryan Griffen/Brian Lake
2011 - Ryan Griffen
2012 - Matthew Boyd
2013 - Thomas Liberatore
2014 - Thomas Liberatore
2015 - Mitch Wallis
2016 - Marcus Bontempelli
2017 - Jackson Macrae
2018 - Jackson Macrae
2019 - Marcus Bontempelli
2020 - Tom Liberatore

2002 - Robert Murphy
2003 - Robert Murphy & Mitch Hahn
2004 - Adam Cooney
2005 - Daniel Cross
2006 - Adam Cooney
2007 - Adam Cooney
2008 - Ryan Griffen
2009 - Jarrod Harbrow
2010 - Jarrod Harbrow
2011 - Callan Ward
2012 - Mitch Wallis
2013 - Thomas Liberatore
2014 - Thomas Liberatore
2015 - Marcus Bontempelli
2016 - Marcus Bontempelli
2017 - Marcus Bontempelli
2018 - Josh Dunkley
2019 - Bailey Smith
2020 - Bailey Smith

The “Clay Smith”
2020 - Tom Liberatore


2021 Eligible Pup list (TBC)

20 Ed Richards 21yr - 3rd July 1999
33 Aaron Naughton 21yr - 30 November 1999
24 Buku Khamis 20yr - 24 March 2000
26 Dominic Bedendo 18yr - 9 July 2002
6 Bailey Smith 20yr - 7 December 2000
30 Lachlan McNeil 19yr - 2 September 2001
22 Jamarra Ugle-Hagan 18yr - 4 April 2002
14 Rhylee West 20yr - 12 July 2000
18 Louis Butler 19yr - 26 August 2001
19 Cody Weightman 20yr - 15 January 2001
38 Riley Garcia 20yr - 30 January 2001


Aug 11, 2003
The Swamp
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Ok people, round 1 Ching results are in. Please note, due to a birthday turning 22 in early Feb, Vandermeer is NOT eligible to be a pup this year and any vote for him will be discounted.

Ching Rd 1 vs Collingwood (33 voters):

5 -
B. Smith: 158 votes (30 BOG)
4 - Macrae: 97 votes
3 - B. Williams: 81 votes (1 BOG)
2 - Liberatore: 37 votes (2 BOG)
1 - Vandermeer: 36 votes

Dunkley: 28 votes
Martin: 25 votes
Daniel: 24 votes
Duryea: 3 votes
English: 2 votes
Bontempelli: 2 votes
Bruce: 2 votes
Keath: 1 vote
Lipinski: 1 vote.

Pups Rd 1 (18 voters):

3 -
B. Smith: 54 votes (18 BPOG)
2 - Naughton: 36 votes
1 - McNeil: 16 votes

1 vote given to Vandermeer was discounted and one voter only gave a 3 votes and a 2 votes (which is fine btw)

Clay Smith Award: Raw votes

Vandermeer: 11 votes (weekly winner)

Liberatore: 1 vote
B. Smith: 1 vote
Dunkley: 1 vote.

Thanis for playing people and Go Dogs for today!!!!

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Aug 11, 2003
The Swamp
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Rd 3 Ching results vs North Melbourne:

5 -
Bruce: 157 votes (31 BOG)
4 - Treloar: 121 votes
3 - Dunkley: 53 votes (1 BOG)
2 - Liberatore: 32 votes
1 - Macrae: 29 votes

Naughton: 24 votes
English: 23 votes
B. Williams: 16 votes
Keath: 8 votes
B. Dale: 6 votes
Daniel: 6 votes
B. Smith: 3 votes
Duryea: 1 vote

”The crowd”: 1 vote.

Pups Rd 3 votes
3 -
Naughton: 53 votes (17 BPOG)
2 - B. Smith: 37 votes (1 BPOG)
1 - McNeil: 17 votes

The “Clay Smith” raw votes

Lipinski: 1 vote
Naughton: 7 votes (weekly winner)
B. Williams: 1 vote
Liberatore: 4 votes
Keath: 1 vote
Dunkley: 1 vote

Thanks for playing and Go Dogs!!


Aug 11, 2003
The Swamp
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
EDIT : Belated Rd 2 Ching results: vs WCE.

5 -
Bontempelli: 152
votes (28 BOG)
4 - Macrae: 114 votes (3 BOG)
3 - B. Williams: 53 votes
2 - Dunkley: 51 votes
1 - Naughton: 33 votes

Liberatore: 30 votes
Bruce: 12 votes
Vandermeer: 8 votes
Duryea: 3 votes
Daniel: 3 votes
Treloar: 2 votes
B. Smith: 2 votes
B. Dale: 2 votes

Pups Rd 2 votes

3 -
Naughton: 49 votes (15 BPOG)
2 - B. Smith: 36 votes (2 BPOG)
1 - McNeil: 16 votes

The “Clay Smith” raw votes

Dunkley: 2 votes
Vandermeer: 4 votes (tied weekly winner)
Liberatore: 4 votes (tied weekly winner)

Thanks for playing all. Sorry for the delay in posting these. Go Dogs!

EDIT: Apologies all - somehow 3 lots of votes were missed when calculating (I’m blaming baby brain). Results did not change, only the total votes so DW will update the totals at a later point. Thanks.

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