Mod. Notice Collingwood Rules (please read)

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Apr 3, 2010
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It seems with the new format, the Collingwood rules dropped off our board.

Site wide rules: Agreed by you on registration.

BigFooty Board Terms of Service, rules and allowable content can be read here and here.

Updated whole site rules
All content you submit, upload, or otherwise make available to the Service ("Content") may be reviewed by staff members. All Content you submit or upload may be sent to third-party verification services (including, but not limited to, spam prevention services). Security is never guaranteed - do not submit any Content that you consider to be private or confidential.

You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is:
  • dangerous to health, anti-vax, Covid denial etc,
  • hateful, including sympathetic discussion of far-right/neo-Nazi tropes,
  • Racism
  • Any form of homophobia or transphobia
  • defamatory,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • likely to offend,
  • spam or spam-like,
  • contains adult or objectionable content,
  • risks copyright infringement,
  • encourages unlawful activity,
  • or otherwise violates any laws,
  • or contains personal information of others,

Collingwood board forum specific
  • This is a forum for Collingwood supporters, not Collingwood detractors, so if you dip predominantly into the latter, you leave yourself open to sanctions. Repetitive negative agendas will be watched closely and actioned.
  • If you want to post about how those in charge have got it wrong, try to do so in a way that displays a modicum of maturity and intelligence. Objectivity is the key.
  • Please do not quote whole articles from media sources. The correct format is link-site, a few lines, paragraph or two and your thoughts or comment on the article.
  • If you must swear, do not come up with inventive ways to type the word without actually typing the whole word. Most of us will get what you are trying to say if you just type the word in full and let the swear filter do its job. While we try not to be too pedantic with this rule in the Game Day threads, there is potential for infraction for repeat offenders.
  • If you are new to the forum and want to start a thread, use the search function to see if one already exists first.
  • The moderators are not online 24/7 and don't necessarily read every post. If you see something that you believe is a breach of the forum rules, click the Report icon in the post and it will be moderated. (It is always good to post why you feel the post warranted being reported).
  • If you're warned, infracted or suspended the system generated message now gives the reason/post information which does often get deleted upon report.
  • If you require further clarification on the matter then raise the query with the moderator team through a private message. Grievances on infractions are not to be aired in threads.
Opposition supporters
  • Constructive and friendly discussion is more than welcome.
  • Remember to tread extra softly on our board joining in banter 'okay' rather than misinterpreted as trolling...
  • Opposition fans do not have the same right of reply as Collingwood fans.
  • Personal abuse by an opposition fan will be met with an infraction.
  • Disrespect towards Collingwood or its players will be met with an infraction
  • Please try to be constructive and take time to enjoy a positive debate. If not, your time will indeed be cut short on this board

Questions about moderating decisions

There is a site wide rule against starting threads or posting moderator complaint content.

You may not always see eye to eye with moderators but they do a voluntary job in an effort to provide a better site for ALL, not the few, and they are often dealing with multiple posters.
Questions about moderating decisions in threads will be deleted by the moderating team.
Contact the moderating team via PM and query the issue directly. We're reasonable people, we'll listen to reason as long as you're not overly abusive. If you feel you are not getting satisfaction, contact administrator/s.

Gambling Posting (25/09/2021)
We respect peoples right to place bets but rather than inundating threads with gambling posts please just keep it confined to the Collingwood Board Punting Thread or on the Bigfooty Punting Board

BF Rules Updated (21/01/2022)

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