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Nov 7, 2023
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It’s competition time!

It has come to my attention that the worst goalkeeper alive (Onana) has conceded less goals than the greatest goalkeeper in the history of existence (Vicario) in the Premier League this season.

Given Vicario has already spread his legs for a mammoth total in the league, I am going to run a competition from now until the end of the season.

Whoever can correctly guess the amount of goals Vicario concedes at the conclusion of the Premier League season will win a prize of that amount in dollars. So, for example, if chef guesses 75 goals and Guglielmo “Spread em” Vicario concedes 75 goals, he will receive $75 from yours truly.

Here are some rules/conditions:

1. If you are not a prolific poster, you can’t enter the competition (I will be lenient with this).
2. If you are a Spurs fan, you can’t enter the competition (I will not be lenient with this).
3. First in best dressed. You can’t guess the same amount of goals as someone else and you only have one guess.
4. If no one correctly guesses, the prize money will be retained and I will run another competition in the not too distant future. You have to guess the exact amount.
5. If this thread gets moved to The Terrace, the competition is off and no prize will be given.
6. We know Vicario likes to spread em in all comps, but this is for the Premier League only.

This is a free hit, people. I’m happy to give back to the BigFooty assoc. football community. Knowing how much Vicario likes to spread em, you could make a small fortune in here!

Guess away :)

A record of guesses is below and will be updated accordingly:

Jatz - 48
chef - 55

Zidane98 - 69
ossie_21 - 52
Cruyff14 - 58
RossFC - 51

glenferry23 - 63
Buckleys Jocks 56
Sozabarus - 53
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Oh f***. I forgot to mention entries need to be submitted before the Tottenham Brighton kickoff. In my Timezone that is this Sunday at 2:00am.
Just be careful with the payout if I win please.

A deposit of $69.69 will be viewed suspiciously by wifey.
Hopefully Mr Spread Em can learn to stop the ball going into the back of the net otherwise I could be a broke man!

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Is that your guess or the amount of new FFP charges Everton have incoming lol

It’s also the number of points we will probably finish on after getting the decision overturned on appeal, as the commission ultimately agreed there was no sporting advantage, but still decided to impose a sporting fine :)
Spread em numbers are filling up nice and quick. Get in before Sunday 2am!
Allison’s average goals conceded in the prem since he signed for Pool (not including this season as it’s not finished) is 28.8. Vicario has already spread em for 35 and there’s still 15 games remaining. Insane.
Time is running out. Get your guesses in for a chance to win cash $$$

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