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Defunct footy clubs in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Footy Classifieds and Information' started by mikey127, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. mikey127

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    Feb 11
    Interested in getting a list of defunct footy clubs in Melbourne and maybe a bit of info e.g League they were in colours, nickname, home ground, maybe why they disbanded if there are any intersting reaons.

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  2. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    From the 1960 'List of Clubs' booklet issued between the VFU, VCFL, VAFA and VFL.

    By no means is this a 100% accurate list from the information in the booklet due to name changes and the number of clubs in an area and the CYMS/YCW connection (are some junior teams?)!

    There are a number of VAFA clubs to be added.

    Former leagues:
    C.Y.M.S. FA
    Eastern Suburban (Protestant) Churches FA
    Metropolitan FL
    Metropolitan Protestant Churches FL (became ESCFA and merged with SESFL c.1991?)
    Panton Hill FA/FL (end of 1987)
    Saturday Morning FL
    Sunday League
    Tramways FA
    Victorian FA (1877-1995)
    Werribee District FL (became West Suburban FL and merged into the Footscray District FL around 1988)
    Y.C.W. FA

    Former clubs:
    Abbotsford - Metropolitan FL
    Abbotsford Brewery - Saturday Morning FL

    Alphington - VAFA (1934-83) - blue and gold - suspended from VAFA for two years after 1983 finals due to violence. Did not reform.

    Alphington YCW - Metropolitan FL
    AMP Society - VAFA (became Balaclava and later merged with Glenhuntly - now part of Glen Eira VAFA)
    ANZ Bank - VAFA (became ANZ Bank Albert Park and is now Albert Park VAFA)
    Armadale - CYMS FA
    Army Apprentices - VAFA
    Ascot Presbyterians - Essendon DFL
    Ascot Rovers Maribyrnong YC - Essendon DFL
    Ascot Vale - Essendon DFL
    Ascot Vale - CYMS FA
    Ascot Vale YCW - YCW FA
    Ashburton - CYMS FA
    Ashburton Meths - ESPCFA
    Australia Postal Institute - VAFA

    Balwyn Combined - Eastern DFL, ESCFA, ESPCFA

    Batman - Essendon DFL
    Beauville - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    Bellfield - VAFA
    Bennettswood/Blackburn South - Eastern DFL
    Bentleigh Meths - ESPCFA
    Blackburn North - ESPCFA
    Blackburn Baptists - ESPCFA
    Blackburn United - ESPCFA (merged with St Andrews to become Box Hill North VAFA)
    Boronia Park - SFL - black and red sash

    Boundary Rovers-East Bentleigh - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    Box Hill Adelphians - SFL, ESCFA (did they become another club?)
    Brighton United - ESPCFA
    Broadmeadows - Essendon DFL

    Brunswick - VFA - black and white (became Brunswick-Broadmeadows and intended to move to Broadmeadows but folded before this could happen)

    Brunswick - Sunday FL
    Brunswick City - Essendon DFL
    Brunswick District - Metropolitan FL
    Brunswick YCW - YCW FA

    Brunswick Power - Footscray DFL - suffered heavy losses and player drain

    Brunswick Presbyterians - Metro Prot Churches FL
    Burwood - CYMS FA
    Burwood United - ESPCFA
    Burnley - CYMS FA
    Camberwell - Tramways FA

    Camberwell - VFA - red, white and blue panels and red CFC logo - (played for a season or so in the VAFA as Camberwell Amateurs)

    Camberwell Baptists - ESPCFA
    Camberwell East - YCW FA (merged with Surrey Hills to become Surrey Park - Eastern FL)
    Canterbury Presbyterians - ESPCFA
    Carlton - YCW FA
    Carlton Methodists - Metro Prot Churches FL
    Carlton Rovers - Sunday FL
    Carlton YCW - CYMS FA
    Carnegie - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    Carrum - Mornington Peninsula FL
    Carrum Downs - Mornington Peninsula Nepean FL
    Cassie - VAFA 1964-65 - primarily Greek players

    Cathedral - YCW FA
    Central Altona - Footscray DFL, West Suburban FL
    Cheltenham C of C - ESPCFA
    Clayton Meths - ESPCFA

    Clayton YCW - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL (is this the Clayton in the Southern FL?)
    Clifton Hill - CYMS FA
    Clifton Hill - YCW FA
    Coburg - YCW FA
    Coburg - VAFA
    Coburg East - YCW FA
    Coburg YCW - YCW FA
    Collingwood Districts - SFL, ESCFA
    Coolaroo Rovers - Melbourne North FL and Panton Hill FL
    Dallas - YCW FA (did they become Jacana?)
    Dandenong Meths - ESPCFA
    Dandenong (Redlegs) - VFA - red and blue, later white with blue and red vees - (integrated into the Dandenong Stingrays U18 system when VFA dissolved)
    Donnybrook - Panton Hill FL
    East Gardenvale Presbyterians - ESPCFA
    East Hawthorn - Eastern DFL (amongst a number of competitions)
    East Kew Combined - ESPCFA
    East Newport - West Suburban FL
    Elsternwick United - ESPCFA

    Essendon HSOB - Essendon DFL
    Fairfield - Metropolitan FL
    Fairfield - VAFA
    Fairfield - YCW FA
    Fairfield - CYMS FA
    Fawkner - VAFA (now part of Northern Saints Essendon DFL)
    Fitzroy AYC - Sunday FL
    Fitzroy - Sunday FL
    Flemington - CYMS FA
    Flemington - YCW FA
    Flowerdale - Panton Hill FA
    Footscray - Sunday FL
    F & Y Socials - Footscray DFL
    Gardenvale - CYMS FA
    Gardiner C of C - ESPCFA
    Gladstone Park - Footscray DFL, Essendon DFL

    Glenhuntly - VAFA (part of Glen Eira VAFA?)
    Glenhuntly - Tramways FA
    Glenhuntly - CYMS FA
    Glen Iris - CYMS FA
    Glen Waverley - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    G.M.H. - Saturday Morning FL
    Graham - Sunday FL
    GTV 9 - VAFA
    Hartwell Presybterians - ESCFA

    Havelock - Saturday Morning FL
    Hawthorn - YCW FA (is this Hawthorn in the VAFA?)
    Hawthorn - CYMS FA

    Heidelberg Colts - SFL and Melbourne North FL - blue and white - move to SFL found the club out of its geographic areas and out of its depth and folded mid season

    Highfield Road Meths - ESPCFA

    Huntingdale - VAFA
    Huntingdale - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    Kealba/Green Gully - Footscray DFL
    Kensington - CYMS FA (North Melb-Kensington FDFL?)
    Kensington - Sunday FL
    Kensington Hill (Hammerheads) - Footscray DFL

    Kontias - Southern FL (ex VAFA) - folded part way through its first SFL season due to heavy losses - team made up primarily of players of Greek origin

    Kew - Tramways FA
    Kew - YCW FA
    Kew Baptists - ESPCFA

    Kingsville - Footscray DFL - blue and gold - (merged with Yarraville VFA, later merged with Seddon-Yarraville Club to become Yarraville Seddon Eagles WRFL)

    Kodak - Saturday Morning FL
    Little River-Avalon - Geelong Dist FL
    Maidstone - Footscray Dist FL
    Malvern - Tramways Association
    Malvern - CYMS FA
    Malvern - VAFA
    Malvern - YCW FA
    Malvern South - ESPCFA

    Mentone - CYMS FA - black and gold - (later went to SESFL and SFL, merged with St Bede's VAFA to form St Bede's/Mentone)

    Merlynston - Metropolitan FL
    Mont Albert Meths - ESPCFA
    Montague - Sunday FL
    Moomba Park - Riddell DFL
    Moonee Imps. - Essendon DFL (now part of Maribyrnong Park EDFL)
    Moonee Ponds - CYMS FA
    Moonee Ponds - YCW FA
    Moorabbin - VFA
    Moreland - YCW FA
    Murrumbeena - CYMS FA
    National Bank - VAFA
    Newlands Coburg - Footscray DFL

    Newport - Footscray DFL - ejected from the League

    Newport YCW - YCW FA
    Newport Methodists - Metro Prot Churches FL
    Noble Park - ESPCFA (did they play in the Eastern DFL as the Noble Park Bears)
    North Balwyn C of C - ESPCFA
    North Balwyn Meths - ESPCFA

    North Caulfield - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    North Kew - SFL, SESFL

    Northcote - VFA - green and gold stripes

    Northcote - CYMS FA
    North Essendon Meths. - Essendon DFL
    North Fitzroy - Tramways FA
    North Melbourne - Metropolitan FL
    North Melbourne - YCW FA (North Melb-Kensington FDFL?)
    North United - Sunday FL
    North West - Sunday FL

    Oakleigh - VFA - purple and gold - (integrated into the Oakleigh Chargers U18 system)

    Oakleigh - YCW FA
    Oakleigh - CYMS FA (one of these would be Oakleigh Krushers VAFA)

    Ormond - CYMS FA
    Painters & Dockers - Saturday Morning FL
    Parkfield - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    Pascoe Vale - CYMS FA
    Port Melbourne - Tramways FA
    Port Melbourne - Sunday FL
    Port Melbourne Districts - Saturday Morning FL
    Postal - Saturday Morning FL

    Preston - VFA - red and white (merged into Northern Blues VFL)

    Preston - VAFA
    Preston CYMS - CYMS FA
    Preston - Tramways FA
    Preston Meths - Metro Prot Churches FL
    Preston - YCW FA

    Preston Wanderers - black and white - Melbourne North FL

    Preston West - YCW FA
    Preston YCW - Metropolitan FL
    Princes Hill - VAFA
    Raymonds - Saturday Morning FL
    Repatriation - Saturday Morning FL
    Research - Panton Hill FA (later DVFL) - blue red and white in PHFL and red and white stripes in DVFL (folded after 1991, dumped by DVFL due to issues with behaviour)

    Reservoir - Metropolitan FL
    Reservoir - YCW FA (one of these is Reservoir NFL)

    Reservoir-Lakeside - white with red vee - Diamond Valley FL (merged with West Preston to form West
    Preston-Lakeside NFL)

    Reservoir YCW - Metropolitan FL
    Richmond - Sunday FL
    Richmond - YCW FA
    Richmond YCW - CYMS FA
    Riverside Stars - Essendon DFL (now Maribyrnong Park EDFL)
    St Albans South - West Suburban FL
    St Andrew's - Panton Hill FL
    St Andrew's Coburg - Diamond Valley FL (Essendon DFL?)
    St Andrew's Presbyterians - ESPCFA (merged with Blackburn United to become Box Hill North VAFA)

    St David's - Essendon DFL
    St Mary's C of E - ESPCFA
    St Oliver's - Essendon DFL
    St Peter's C of E - ESPCFA
    St Stephen's - ESPCFA

    St Vincent's - YCW FA
    Salvation Army - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    Salvation Army - Metro Prot Churches FL
    Sandringham - CYMS FA
    S.E.C.- Saturday Morning FL

    Seddon - Footscray DFL - brown and gold stripes (now Yarraville Seddon Eagles WRFL)

    Smorgon - Saturday Morning FL
    South Camberwell - CYMS FA
    South Caulfield - CYMSFA (now part of Glen Eira VAFA?)
    South Hawthorn - Tramways FA
    South Melbourne - Metropolitan FL
    South Melbourne - YCW FA
    South Parks - Metropolitan FL
    South Murrumbeena - Caulfield-Oakleigh DFL
    South Yarra - YCW FA
    South Yarra YCW - CYMS FA (one of these is South Yarra SFL)
    Southern Dragons - Southern FL (ex VAFA) - folded part way through the 2015 season due to heavy losses - team made up primarily of players of Vietnamese origin

    State Savings Bank- VAFA
    Surrey Hills - Croydon-FTG FL (now Surrey Park SFL)
    Syndal Baptists - ESPCFA
    Thornbury - Metropolitan FL
    Thornbury - CYMS FA
    Thornbury - YCW FA
    Trinity Presbyterians - ESPCFA
    Vespa - Essendon DFL
    Victoria Brewery - Saturday Morning FL
    Waterside Workers - Saturday Morning FL
    Wattle Park Presbyterians - ESPCFA (merged into Doncaster East EFL)
    Werribee South - Werribee DFL
    West Brunswick - YCW FA
    West Brunswick YCW -CYMS FA (could one of these be West Brunswick VAFA)
    West Coburg Amateurs - Essendon DFL
    West Coburg Methodists - Metro Prot Churches FL
    West Footscray YC - YCW FA
    Westgarth - Sunday FL
    Westgarth Dragons (or Northcote Dragons?) - Melbourne North FL
    West Ivanhoe - ESCFA

    West Melbourne YCW - YCW FA
    West Newport - Footscray DFL
    West Preston - CYMS FA
    West Preston - CYMS FA (one of these is West Preston - part of West Preston Lakeside NFL)
    Williamstown - YCW FA (Williamstown CYMS in VAFA?)
    Williamstown Methodists - Metro Prot Churches FL
    Williamstown Rovers - Werribee FL
    Worawa - YVMDFL
    Yarraville - CYMS FA
    Yarraville - YCW FA
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  3. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    I will add any more that I or anyone else adds in bold to distinguish from the 1960 list.

    I will go through some old ESCFA and SESFL Records from the 1980s, which should add another 15-20!
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  4. mikey127

    mikey127 Premiership Player

    Brisbane Lions
    Feb 11
    I can remember a few from the Sotuhern Football Leage in the early 90's Richmond Rosellas, Fairfield Bloods. The was Box Hill something that became Camberwell Power and then folded.
  5. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    I believe that the Richmond team from the YCW comp. has a connection to Richmond Rosellas and Fairfield from the VAFA ended up in the DVFL as Fairfield Park. You'd be thinking of Box Hill Adelphians, but I am not sure what they became.
  6. mikey127

    mikey127 Premiership Player

    Brisbane Lions
    Feb 11
    I'm almost certain they became Camberwell Power for about a year then folded.
  7. Abba Lonie

    Abba Lonie Brownlow Medallist

    Oct 02
    Other Teams:
    From that list Blackburn United and St Andrews merged to become Box Hill North, still going in the VAFA.

    I imagine a few others of those listed would have merged to create new clubs.
  8. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    It rings a bell
  9. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    I am certain they would but with some suburb names having teams in YCW and CYMS comps and sometimes in other leagues, tracking it would need to be left to old timers who can confirm exactly which clubs merged.

    e.g. I look at Fairfield and wonder how they had as many as four different senior clubs when Clifton Hill, Northcote, Parkside, Collingwood, Abbotsford and Alphington are all so close.

    I know that the 1960s was when some leagues started Reserve Grade competitions (so that could distort the number a little) and that there was still minimal rivalry from other sports but some areas with a heap of clubs are struggling to have one now.
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  10. mikey127

    mikey127 Premiership Player

    Brisbane Lions
    Feb 11
    I remeber umpiring one of there games in 96 as Camberwell Power. They played on that funny ground off Burke Road near the Monash Freeway, South Yarra played there in the 90's then moved to T H King reserve on High St then I think to some ground in Camberwell.
  11. parano1a

    parano1a Premiership Player

    Mar 03
    Other Teams:
    Melbourne Storm
    B: J. Brayshaw T. Jones C. Stanaway
    HB: D. Barrett K. Stefanovic A. Loxley
    C: S. Kruger E. McGuire (c) L. Wilkinson
    HF: C. Hutchison P. Hitchener M. King
    F: G. Lyon M. Lloyd B. Brownless
    R: J. Newman S.Crawford R. Judd
    Int (from): D. Hughes T. Grimshaw B. McLeod L. Nixon J. Hall
    C. Wilson S. Craft A. Woolley S. Cam D. Goodrem
    R. Martin J. Madden B. Madden J. Marais M. McElhinney
    Coach: L. Oakes
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  12. mikey127

    mikey127 Premiership Player

    Brisbane Lions
    Feb 11
    Why no B Lawry?
  13. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama Club Legend

    Brisbane Lions
    Apr 01
    Everywhere you want to be
    Other Teams:
    Mernda, Murchison,Man City,
    Keon Park (YCWFL & Panton Hill FL), Black with a Gold Yoke, folded in 1988 after winning the last PHFL Premiership in 1987
    St George/Reservoir (Ended up in the Panton Hill League in 1981 & folded in 1983).
    Thornbury (Royal Blue & Red stripes, ended up in the Diamond Valley F.L, but folded in 1990).
    North Fawkner (It's last league was the Riddell League, where they were whipping boys, folded around the mid 90's).
    Fawkner Park (A merger between Fawkner Amateurs & Moomba Park, wore Navy with light blue wings like the west coast eagles, with a white FFC logo, merged with North Coburg to be the Northern Saints in the EDFL in the mid 00's).
    Carrum has reemerged as Carrum/Patterson Lakes in the Southern FL, wearing the 1957-1973 style Fitzroy jumpers.
    The current Reservoir Football Club was in the Metropolitan League but moved to the Panton Hill FL in 1971, then to the DVFL in 1981, before they changed their colours to Royal & Light Blue, they wore Red with a White Yoke.
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  14. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama Club Legend

    Brisbane Lions
    Apr 01
    Everywhere you want to be
    Other Teams:
    Mernda, Murchison,Man City,
    Fawkner Amateurs (VAFA) - Navy with a white FFC monogram (like Fitzroy)
    West Preston (YCWFA/DVFL) - Royal Blue with a red & white V, royal blue numbers within a white number box
    Donnybrook (PHFL) - Geelong colours
    St Andrews (PHFL) - Richmond colours
    Heidelberg Colts (YCWFL, PHFL, MNFL, SFL) Navy with a white HC monogram, changed to Navy with a white bar with Navy HC logo in the middle (due to the jumper clash with Hurstbridge in the Panton Hill League, who wore Navy & white before moving to the DVFL in 1988)
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  15. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    North Fawkner were the whipping boys of the Riddell League in their final years - does anyone know more about them?

    Has Campbellfield ever had a side or did North Fawkner fill that void?
  16. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama Club Legend

    Brisbane Lions
    Apr 01
    Everywhere you want to be
    Other Teams:
    Mernda, Murchison,Man City,
    I don't think so, but I do know that North Fawkner's ground was near the Scots Church off Sydney Road near the Rowntree Chocolate Factor, I think a Soccer Club & Campbellfield C.C occupy that ground land now.
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  17. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    Yep, that's the one I am thinking of. The Rowntree factory brings back memories.
  18. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    I have a one copy of the ESCFA Record from each season from 1985-88 and it is a passing parade of defunct clubs.

    All the member clubs from this period are as follows:

    Five Grades - 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988

    Ashburton (1985 - C)
    Chadstone Salesians (1985 - E)

    Ashburton/Chadstone (1986-88 - D)

    Aquinas (1985-86 - B)
    went to VAFA and currently play in D3

    Balwyn Combined (1985 - C; 1986-87 - B; 1988 - A)
    went to EDFL in 1994(?) and folded after that season

    Bellfield (1987-88 - E)

    Bentleigh (1985-88 - B)

    Black Rock (1985 - C)
    are they connected to the current SFL club?

    Blackburn North Burners (1985-88 - E)

    Box Hill Adelphians (1985 - C; 1986 - D; 1987-88 - E)
    Did they become Camberwell Power(?) ex-SFL club

    Box Hill North (1985-86, 1988 - D; 1987- C)
    currently in VAFA D4

    Box Hill Pioneers (1985-1986, 1988 - B; 1987- A)
    became Whitehorse Pioneers and currently play in EFL Div. 3

    Brighton (1985-88 - B)

    Burwood United (1985-88 - A)

    Canterbury/North Balwyn (1985, 1987-88 - B; 1986 - C)

    Caulfield (1985-88 - E)

    Cheltenham Assumption (1985 - A; 1986 - B; 1987 - C)

    Clayton Saints (1985-86, 1988 - E; 1987 - D)

    Collingwood (1987 - E; 1988 - D)

    Dandenong South (1987 - D; 1988 - C)
    current day Dandenong SFL Div. 3 (?)

    Dandenong West (1987-88 - E)
    current day Dandenong SFL Div. 3 (?)

    Donvale United (1985-88 - A)
    went to EDFL Div. 3 in 1991 and rose to Div. 1. In recess in 2014 and now play in Div. 4

    East Bentleigh (1985 , 1987-88 - D; 1986 - E)

    East Camberwell (1985-87 - A; 1988- B)
    merged with Surrey Hills EDFL as Surrey Park. Playing in Div. 4

    East Malvern (1985-87 - E)

    Elsternwick (1985-86, 1988 - C; 1987 - B)

    Emmanuel (1985 - A; 1986-88 - B)

    Fairfield (1987-88 - D)
    went to SFL and then to DVFL as Fairfield Park

    Gardenvale (1985-87 - D; 1988 - C)

    Glen Waverley (1985-87 - B; 1988 - C)

    Glenhuntly S.A. (1985 - D; 1986-88 - C)

    Hampton United (1985-88 - A)
    now Hampton SFL Div. 2 (?)

    Hartwell (1985, 1988 - D; 1986-87 - E)

    Hawthorn Y.C. (1985 - E; 1986-88 - D)

    Highfield (1985-86 - C; 1987-88 - D)

    Koonung (1985 - D; 1986 - C)

    Knox (1985 - E; 1986-88 - D)
    currently in EFL Div. 1

    Lower Plenty (1986 - D; 1987- C; 1988 - B)
    played in SFL before moving to DVFL in 1995. Now plays in Div. 1 ofNFL

    Mazenod (1985, 1988 - B; 1986-87 - A)
    now in VAFA and currently play in B Section

    Mt. Waverley (1985 - B; 1986-88 - C)
    now plays in Div. 3 SFL

    Moorabbin West (1986-88 - E)
    now plays in Div. 3 SFL as Moorabbin

    Murrumbeena/Sth Caulfield (1985-86 - C; 1987-88 - B)
    part of the current day Glen Eira (D3 VAFA)?

    Noble Park Bears (1985, 1987-88 - C; 1986 - B)
    later played in EDFL as Noble Park Bears, folded c.mid-1990s

    North Blackburn (1985-88 - E)

    Oakleigh Scared Heart (1985-88 - A)

    Richmond Amateurs (1987-88 - D)

    Ringwood (1985-87 - E)
    South Ringwood (1988 - E)

    St Kevin's Ormond (1985-86 - B; 1987-88 - A)

    St Leo's/Wattle Park (1985-88 - A)
    ent to VAFA and now play as Emmaus St.Leo's in D3

    St Mary's (1985-86 - A; 1987-88 - B)

    St Pats/Mentone (1985-88 - C)
    ex-YCWNFA team, later merged with Parkdale and are currently playing as Parkdale Vultures in VAFA B Section

    St Paul's Bentleigh (1985 - B; 1986-88 - A)
    went to SFL and currently play in Div. 1

    Salvation Army (1986 - E)
    Salvo Saints (1987 - D; 1988 - E)

    Sandringham Sacred Heart (1985-86, 1988 - D; 1987 - E)

    South Yarra (1985-87 - D; 1988 - E)
    current South Yarra SFL Div. 3(?)

    Springvale (1985 - D; 1986-88 - C)
    Springvale Districts - currently in SFL Div.2(?)

    Syndal-Tally Ho (1985-86, 1988 - A; 1987 - B)
    now Chadstone VAFA in D4

    Wattle Park (1985-87 - C; 1988 - B)
    later merged with Doncaster East EDFL

    West Ivanhoe (1986 - D; 1987-88 - C)

    Wonga Park (1985 - C)
    moved to EDFL, renamed Croydon North and folded c.1990s - plays as a Veterans club now
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  19. Stevi_Tigers

    Stevi_Tigers Hall of Famer

    Mar 13
    Other Teams:
    Manchester United
    holy child football club in dallas played in geelong colors in the diamond valley league before getting kicked out for drinking and fighting
  20. Reekoe

    Reekoe Draftee

    Jun 15
    Other Teams:
    R.Sociedad, NUFC, Dallas Mavs
    I love these lists, check out It has Southern League results from 93 on.

    I believe Blackburn Baptists became Blackburn South and from memory wore green, black and red panels although that could be completely wrong. Bennettswood wore orange with a black yoke.

    Burwood United changed to Burwood (after original Burwood merged with Essex Heights to become Ashwood) and then merged with Mt. Waverley and are now a part of Waverley Blues.

    Dandy West (navy w/ white DW monogram) are now Dandenong (Demons/Redlegs), they changed in the mid 00's.

    Dandenong South (Richmond) are a mystery to me, I can see they played in the Churches in 89 in B grade (C grade r/up 88) but I have no Churches info from after that. In 1990 (?) Doveton Eagles and St. Johns OC split to form separate clubs so I’m wondering if Dandenong South had anything to do with that. Did they play at the same ground St. Johns do near Shepley oval?

    North Kew merged with Kew a few years ago to become Kew Bears.

    North Melb YCW and North Melb & Districts were the same club. They became NM-Kensington in 85 or 86.
    This file says NM-Kensington took FDFL to court in 1980 but I’ve seen an article stating NMYCW were in the YCW league then so I’m presuming it was a typo and was meant to be just Kensington. Was this the Kensington they merged with or was it Kensington Stores from YCW league? I’d say Kensington though because Kensington Stores played the first couple of YCW games in 86 (NMYCW were NM-K by then) only to disappear.

    Emmanuel and Oakleigh Sacred Heart are now Oakleigh Krushers.

    Who were South Ringwood? Did they play on the other ground at Jubilee Park or Gracedale Park in Heathmont/Bayswater maybe? I was an East Ringwood kid in those days, I should know this!!!
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  21. CrowdedHouse

    CrowdedHouse Club Legend

    Oct 07
    Other Teams:
    Port Melbourne (VFL)
    There use to be the Preston District Junior Football Association.

    Clubs like Olympic Youth, Holy Child, Newlands Coburg and the team I played a couple of games for, Upfield (who wore the Port Melbourne jumper).
  22. My North

    My North Norm Smith Medallist

    Sep 02
    so many clubs folded, but lots of new clubs around too in the new areas with Melbourne expanding
  23. extractasam

    extractasam Senior List

    Feb 11
    Research - Panton Hill FA (later DVFL) - blue red and white in PHFL and red and white stripes in DVFL (folded after 1991, dumped by DVFL due to issues with behaviour)

    Funny, now they're probably one of the best behaved junior clubs in the NFL - pity they cant form a senior team and they lose their guys to Lower Plenty.
  24. MortlockWatcher

    MortlockWatcher Senior List

    Dec 13
    West Oz
    I found an old list of former competitions on the internet a while ago. I cannot fully vouch for the accurcy of the dates.

    Band of Hope FA (1926-1932)

    Berwick Football Association (1910–1932)

    Bourke-Evelyn Football League (1906-1931)
    Panton Hill Football League (1931-1987)

    Caulfield Oakleigh Football League (1932–1962)
    South East Suburban Football League (1963-1992)

    East Suburban Football League (1932-1962)

    Eastern Suburbs Churches Football Association (1925-1992)

    Croydon Ferntree Gully Football League (1950-1961)
    Eastern (Districts) Football League (1962-)

    CYMS Football League (1936-1974)

    Dandenong Districts Football League (1933–1953)
    South West Gippsland Football League (1954–1994) became part of the MPNFL
    South East Football Netball League (2015-

    Federal Football League (1909–1981)

    Keilor & Broadmeadows Football League (1926-1931)

    Melbourne Amateur Sunday Football Association (1950-1968) known in 1968 as the Sunday Suburban Football League

    Melbourne North Football League (1988-1993)

    Methodist Football League (1946-1955)

    Metropolitan Football League (1950-1974)

    Metropolitan Protestant Churches Football League (1957-1971)

    Northern Metropolitan Football League (1975-1979)

    Ringwood District Football League (1927-1941)

    Saturday Morning Football League (1927-1960)

    Scoresby District Football League (1925-1930)

    Sub District Football Association
    Sub District Football League (1925-1949)

    Sunday Amateur Football League (1950-1968)

    Werribee District Football League (1919–1964)
    West Suburban Football League (1965-1987)

    YCW National Football League (1963-1986)
  25. Joe Mama

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    Mernda, Murchison,Man City,
    By the time when the Senior club was booted out for on-field behavior, there wasn't much of a link between the Junior & Senior Club because they played in different grounds (The Juniors played at Research Park, Research while the Seniors played on the back oval of Eltham Lower Park, which they shared with the Eltham Lacrosse Club), and they had an idiot element which lead to their demise as a Senior Club.

    Lower Plenty filled the void and moved in to form a link with the Research Juniors when they joined the DVFL in 1995, and they've been a solid club in Division One ever since.

    Their last game was a Reserves Grand Final in 1991, they were beaten by West Preston & although I was only a kid at the time, (I was there to support Mernda who won the Second Division Flag that year against West Preston at Epping), I remember the final being a bloodbath and the crowd got involved, so much so that the DVFL abandoned the trophy & flag presentation to avoid further trouble.

    They were already on probation at the time for similar issues the previous year, so the DVFL booted them, when they folded, quite a few of the players & officials went to Panton Hill at the time (thankfully, the idiots didn't follow) who were then in the Yarra Valley Mountain District League, they were good for a couple of years then went back in the cellar before the Redbacks found a home in the DVFL in 1997
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