Game Day Dogs v Eagles @ Marvel (Rd. 3)

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We’re probably not learning much from this game. And he probably hasn’t had an amazing game.

But damn it’s good to see number 11 running out of clearance and delivering it to a teammate. Couple in the last quarter gave me a nice feeling.
Jesus I hate the commentators at the moment. It’s far more enjoyable watching it with the sound off.

Underwood gives nothing,
Brereton is Ireland,
Even Healy has lost the plot and just speaks shit.

Great win by the Dogs against a terrible side with a pretty decent midfield and passable backline.

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The Eagles reminded me of the Doggies at their worst last season: win the clearances; bomb it forward; spray the goals; let the opposition take a squillion intercept marks and let them transition easily out of defense. What a nightmare.

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