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Oct 17, 2011
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Just posting this as Tullamarine Indoor Sports Centre have just started the new season of Footy Indoors for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Teams are made up of 7 players plus a maximum 2 subs with a $100 team registration fee for the season along with $110 team match payment each week.

Footy Indoors is a non contact form of Australian Rules and at our centre it is played over 4 indoor tennis courts and is great for keeping up fitness and perfect for all skill and fitness levels.

We have made some changes since taking over the centre just over a year ago with the tightening of the rules in regards to contact as well as now having two umpires for games.

We are located at 3/10 Carrick Drive, Tullamarine and you can contact us on 9335 2988 or by email at to express your interest in starting a team or even having a hit of tennis.


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