Rorting the 30 second rule

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Premiership Player
Oct 11, 2012
AFL Club
Noticing an increasing abuse of the 30 second kicking for goal rule where players indicate they are going for goal so the umpire doesn't call play on after 4-5 seconds as he should but gives the player up to 30 seconds.

The player then wastes a heap of time before then passing the ball and not kicking for goal.

The AFL needs to address this, if you indicate you are going for goal and want to take advantage of the 30 seconds gifted, you must kick long to the goals and not pass. If you pass, the umpire calls the ball back for a throw up.

Need to fix this up before a player calls for the 30 seconds just to run down the clock towards the final siren without any intention of taking a shot.

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