MVP Round 1 Votes v Gold Coast

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Altum Volantes

92 - 94 - 06 - 18
Aug 4, 2003
AFL Club
West Coast
Might change when I catch the replay but...


I was probably most frustrated with Cripps and Ryan at times (then he’d lift and shut me up)

Keen to check out Cole and Langdon’s games more closely.

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Club Legend
Sep 13, 2017
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West Coast
Don’t be fooled by the number of possessions for Barrass and Hurn, slow momentum killers racking up big stats does not warrant votes.
Haha Hurn had 9 score involvements, 9 intercept possessions and gained 635meters.
Exactly, Hurn was huge today. All this hand wringing and bed wetting going on in the gameday thread about us playing some tempo footy in stiflingly hot conditions is ridiculous. We had some great passages of fast ball movement today, unfortunately it was often undone by terrible I50 kick but when we decided to go, we attacked with run through the corridor and looked great. But, we understand that we cant do that for 4 quarters. there are times where we need to slow it down, spread the ball and make GC chase tail while we get some air back in the lungs and go again. I can see the changes in our game plan taking shape- it doesnt mean we completely abandon what has won us a flag in 2018 and is very difficult for most teams to counter in hot dry conditions, but our ball movement from a kick in and our over lap running and attacking in patches yesterday were cause for celebration IMO. Our centre clearance work was excellent in large parts as well- something we struggled with last year and with arguably our best 2 mids on the sideline.
No doubt we have work to do to improve our delivery into the forward 50 and our pressure and tackling to keep it in there but overall I think we are on the right track and Hurn was back to his best yesterday. You dont get 635 m gained by kicking backwards and sideways all day.

5 Oscar
4 Hurn
3 cole
2 Sheed
1 NicNat

HM Kelly, Barrass

Edit- I went back and re-watched the 2nd half last night. Kelly and Ryan were standouts, were just so important when and where it mattered- changing my votes.

5 Oscar
4 Kelly
3 Hurn
2 Ryan
1 Cole

Barra, Nic, Rotham and Sheed all stiff.
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Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Hurn is moving very well. I hear he has lost some bulk, regardless yesterdays game wasa reminder as to why is is one of the great defenders.
Some good performances but we would not have won without Hurn, Nic, Kelly. Our back line was good as usual.


Premiership Player
Apr 29, 2012
AFL Club
West Coast
A lot of people I'd have loved to include, but such is life.

I think we'll look back and see that keeping Gold Coast to 58 in perfectly fine weather was a herculean bloody effort. Every defender deserved votes this week.

5. Oscar
4. Hurn
3. Sheed
2. Cole
1. Kelly

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