Game Day Round 5 vs. Brisbane @ MCG – 7:30 pm AEST (Tholstrup Debut)

Who chokes more on this occasion?

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How bad was that? Eh?

We got many first touches early in the 1st Qtr, but fumbled the ball.. leading us to be under pressure from a hungry team; right from the start.
It reminded me of a game a couple of weeks back... same fumbliness. . . but we got away with it back then.

Last night our mids were just under the weather. Apart from Oli.

Oliver should not have been played this week, and probably not the past fortnight.

His injury is not a dislocated finger. That strapping is for broken bones of the hand; not a dislocation. He couldn't tackle, or pick up the ball.
We were one man down the whole game.

Maxy's touches were all favoring the opposition. . . Especially the first half of the game.
Opponents are getting him into a position, where he can't seem to direct the ball in our favor.
He has been a liability in the ruck, but he continues to try his guts out.
We need him taking marks between the arcs as exits; and occasionally inside f50.

Lever is a real liability, constantly failing to spoil opposition thrusts, deep near goal. is seemingly frightened these days to back into the coming pack.
And is like a bronze statue with the ball, deep in defence.
By the time he is ready to release the ball, the midfield is jammed tighter than a can of John West tuna. This in-turn inhibits us from taking the game on, and opening up our own midfield and F50.

Oppositions clog us up. And we can't score. like the past 2 seasons. Lever is the captain of our non-scores.

We are much better when McVee has the ball deep and can kick to a teammate. When May has the ball, he also is a tad too slow and cautious.
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More BS.

Its not a finger, at least not the past 2 games. His strapping was not on any finger, but over the back of the hand.
Protecting the bones in the back of the hand.!

I am wondering if he's smacked a wall, somewhere along the past fortnight.? Frustration.? Or maybe a genuine footy injury.?