Game Day Round 7 vs. Essendon, MCG, 3:20pm ANZAC Day 25/04

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The big question is how will the old bodies pull up after a very short break?
Early in the game I was making 3 changes for ANZAC day.
In: Sullivan, McRae and AJ
Out: Steele, Mitchell and Shultz.
My logic was that we needed another tall target and Shultz hadn’t touched it. Old age was the logic for the other two with WHE going to the wing.

Now I’m with everyone else, probably no change but the short break will definitely come into play.

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Ppl saying no change

NO !!!

Short turn around

Rest ....sidebum and Mitchell

In Harrison and Sullivan

Sub either Elliott or hyphen (managed)
Do you realise Harrison and Sullivan would be playing on 4 day turnarounds, as opposed to the veterans getting 5 days?
No change but surely McInnes to back up in the VFL tomorrow after only ten minutes of game time . Is that allowed?
I think Fin VFL after he was the sun against Essendon last season.

But I doubt we’d be giving McInness time tomorrow since there’s only a 4 day turn around to ANZAC day and he’s isn’t on the VFL team sheet regardless.
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