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SANFL 2017 -- Round 15 Wrap-Up

Discussion in 'SANFL Board' started by raboyle, Aug 7, 2017.

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  1. raboyle

    raboyle Norm Smith Medallist

    Other teams:
    Central District (SANFL)
    May 01
    My Money House Oval, Elizabeth
    Hi Footy fans...

    The finish line is almost in sight now, there's just three rounds of home and away football to go! Its now four weeks until the commencement of the 2017 SANFL Macca's League Finals Series, where the real fight begins for the ultimate glory in the form of the Thomas Seymour-Hill Trophy. The Eagles have already secured the minor premiership, they've got one hand on the Stanley H. Lewis Trophy as well, all that is left is for them to take the one thing that has eluded them for the past two seasons, the premiership flag. Further down the ladder before this split round began, the Tigers were clinging to fifth with only a game separating them from the Crows and the Panthers. It will take a miracle for anyone further down the ladder to steal that same spot, but then the Dogs managed it a couple of years ago, did they not? Keep watching this space!

    Welcome to the Round 15 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

    There were two Saturday afternoon matches to kick off the first part of the split round, we start off with the clash between the Eagles and the Redlegs at the Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval in Woodville. The Eagles have had the wood on everyone this season, even the two AFL reserves sides have had trouble with them... but not the men of The Parade. The Redlegs are that "1" in the losses column of the Eagles, their visit to Norwood in Round 7 resulting in a 31-point defeat. With that triumph in mind, the 'Legs were presented with a prime opportunity to jump to a top-three position, if only for a week ahead of a battle with their old rivals Port next week. The two sides had a tightly fought first quarter, only inaccurate shooting on goal stopped the Redlegs from a bigger lead at the first change. Their 3.6 to the Eagles' 3.1 saw them up by five points at quarter-time. The curse of inaccuracy continued in a low-scoring second quarter, the Redlegs adding two points to their lead instead of two goals plus. They scored 1.3 to 1.1 to lead by seven points at the long break. Despite the inaccuracy bug not departing the Norwood camp, the second half would belong to them, starting with a 5.5 third quarter. They kept the Eagles to just one goal, breaking away to a six-goal three quarter-time advantage. The Eagles did outscore the visitors in the final quarter, but weren't able to make any significant ground. They kicked 5.1, but the Redlegs' 4.5 would see them home by 34 points. Andrew Kirwan was named Norwood's best, the Eagles voted in Scott Lewis as their best on ground.

    The second match for the Saturday took place closer to town on the west side, the Bloods meeting up with the Double Blues at City Mazda Stadium in Richmond. Inaccuracy could have been the killer for the Blues in their last outing against Westies, but the Bloods fell victim to the same issues in the final term at Unley back in Round 5 when they went down by 20 points. The Blues' final term against the Bulldogs last weekend allowed them to retain second spot, while the Bloods brought down the Panthers away from home at Noarlunga by four goals. The weather conditions made for a horrid opening quarter, both sides could not for the life of them find the big sticks. Scores would be level at three points a piece at quarter-time. They finally got the goals in the second term, but more missed opportunities by the Blues kept them within reach of the marauding Bloods at the long break. The Blues scored 3.3 to Westies' 2.1 to lead by eight points at half-time. When play resumed the Bloods continued to keep step with the Blues, even scoring the first major of the second half within 20 seconds of the restart. The Blues would still add to their lead, but only by a couple of points. Sturt kicked 2.2 to the Bloods' two goals, a deficit of 10 points at the three quarter-time siren. Unfortunately, the Bloods run of luck was coming to an end against the defending premiers, who scored 3.4 to 1.2 in the final quarter to run out four-goal winners. James Battersby took out Sturt best afield honours for the fourth round in a row, the Bloods' Kaine Stevens winning best on ground for a third week in succession.

    The third match for the first week of the round took place on the Sunday afternoon out in the far south-east of the state, the Tigers facing the Crows at the Bordertown Oval. The last time these sides met, the Tigers handed the Crows a 41-point back hander at Gliderol Stadium in Round 8. Both clubs came into this game on the wrong end of the stick last weekend, the Crows going down to the Redlegs by 25 points and the Tigers copped a 50-point hiding from the Magpies. The Crows were no doubt eyeing off that fifth spot and it was most definitely within reach, at the time of the game it was just the two points separating them. Those that did show up were treated to plenty of goals in the opening term, the Tigers taking a two-goal lead with their first quarter score of 5.1 to the Crows' 2.1. Accuracy on goal became an issue for the Tigers in the second term, but were still able to build their lead up by the half-time siren. They added a further 3.6 to the Crows' 1.2 to lead by 28 points at the long break. By this time the Crows had lost one of their key defenders and the Tigers looked set to take full advantage when play resumed. Which they did, adding a further 4.1 to Adelaide's 2.1 to take their lead out to 40 points by three quarter-time. The Crows attempted a final term run at the Tigers, even keeping them to a single goal. But their own inaccuracy stopped any chance of stealing victory, a score of 4.5 not enough to deny the Tigers who took a 17-point win. Matt Snook was named Glenelg's best afield, the Crows voted for Harrison Wigg as their best.

    We now move onto the second week of the split round, the final two matches took place on the first Saturday of August with the first at the My Money House Oval in Elizabeth between the Bulldogs and the Roosters. It was back on a Friday afternoon public holiday in Round 2 that the Roosters inflicted the Dogs' second loss for the season at Prospect. After being down by 19 points at the first change, the Roosters following three quarters netted 16 goals to 11 to take a 23-point victory. Their fortunes would not improve after that, with the Bloods recent victories the Roosters would find themselves at the bottom of the league ladder. With a slim chance of finals football their aim, the Dogs had plenty to play for. In the rough conditions, the Dogs would kick to a seven-point lead by quarter-time, scoring 3.2 to North's 2.1 in the opening term. Accuracy was going to be difficult in the windy weather, no more so than in the second term for the Roosters. But they levelled the match by the long break, kicking 2.4 to 1.3 to go into half-time with 29 points each. The home side's third term seemed to be just what they needed to improve their finals aspirations, despite their own issues with accuracy on goals, the Bulldogs kicked to a 22-point lead by three quarter-time with their score of 4.5 to 1.1. The Roosters made a last ditch attempt at stealing the match, the final quarter taking place mostly in their attacking zone. But the return of 3.3 against the Bulldogs' 1.4 wasn't going to be enough to nick the points, Centrals getting over the line by 11 points. Chris Jansen was named best for the Bulldogs, the Roosters voted in Callum Wilkie as their best.

    The last match for the round takes us up Port Road and over to the Alberton Oval where the Magpies faced the Panthers. The Magpies inflicted a 50-point hiding upon the Panthers in their last meeting, despite outscoring the visitors in the second half, a 13 goal to three first half proved to be the game-breaker for Port down at Noarlunga in Round 8. The Magpies came into this game on the back of a 50-point victory against Glenelg, while the Panthers were blitzed in the opening term by West and went down by four goals at Noarlunga. Much like the Bloods did last week against South, the Magpies practically set history repeating itself as they kicked to a wind-assisted 32-point lead by quarter-time after ramming through 6.2 to a solitary goal in the first term. The Panthers were able to take advantage of that wind in the second term, but some missed chances saw them only knock eight points off the deficit. South scored 2.3 to 1.1, bringing the gap back to four goals by half-time. The Magpies had some goal-kicking yips of their own in the third quarter, but with South having kicked just one goal they would take their lead out to 41 points by the final change through their score of 4.5. Port would again struggle to put any further impact on the board, however the Panthers accuracy wasn't improving even with the wind at their backs. The visitors kicked 3.6 to 1.3, but still fell to a 32-point defeat. Will Snelling was named Port's best, the Panthers named Joel Cross as their best on ground.


    Saturday July 29

    Norwood 13.19 (97)
    Woodville-West Torrens 10.3 (63)
    1,641 @ Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville

    Sturt 8.12 (60)
    West Adelaide 5.6 (36)
    1,645 @ City Mazda Stadium, Richmond

    Sunday July 30
    Glenelg 13.8 (86)
    Adelaide 10.9 (69)
    Bordertown Oval -- crowd number unknown

    Saturday August 5
    Central District 9.14 (68)
    North Adelaide 8.9 (57)
    My Money House Oval, Elizabeth -- crowd number unknown

    Port Adelaide 12.11 (83)
    South Adelaide 7.9 (51)
    Alberton Oval -- crowd number unknown

    W-WT -- Allmond (shoulder)
    Adelaide -- Hartigan (hamstring)

    Central -- Butcher (striking), Hoskin (attempted striking)
    North -- Sweet (rough conduct)

    W-WT -- 26pts (13-2-0), 58.2%
    Port -- 20pts (10-5-0), 58.1%
    Sturt -- 20pts (10-5-0), 54.2%
    Norwood -- 20pts (10-5-0), 54.1%
    Glenelg -- 16pts (8-7-0), 48.2%

    South -- 12pts (6-9-0), 46.6%
    Adelaide -- 12pts (6-9-0), 46%
    Central -- 10pts (5-10-0), 47.8%
    West -- 8pts (4-11-0), 43.1%
    North -- 6pts (3-12-0), 43.9%

    During the past month and ending on August 13, the State Library of South Australia has been the place to be for every die-hard SANFL fan and general SA footy-head. Most recently there was a public forum to name a greatest league team and along with selectors consisting of SA football greats Neil Kerley, John Halbert, Graham Cornes, Brian Cunningham and Advertiser chief football writer Michelangelo Rucci one has been compiled. The final result saw a majority of the side consisting of players of post-war era, a fact not lost on Halbert, the following quote was an excerpt from the Advertiser from 5/8/17.

    "The great danger when you pick a side like this is that you perhaps do not do justice to some of the players, particularly those who played before the Second World War. Even with the side we've picked you could ask have we done justice to people like (South Adelaide's) Jimmy Deane, who in his era (40's & 50's) was comparable to Bob Hank and Lindsay Head, North Adelaide's Ron Phillips and West Adelaide's Bruce McGregor, who all won two Magarey Medals."

    FWD --
    John Platten (CD), Ken Farmer (NA), Malcolm Blight (WOOD)
    HF -- Bob Hank (WT), Barrie Robran (NA), Lindsay Head (WT)
    CEN -- John Cahill (PA), Russell Ebert (PA), Ken Eustice (WA)
    HB -- Geoff Motley (PA), Dan Moriarty (SA), Walter Scott (NWD)
    BK -- Michael Taylor (NWD), Ian McKay (NA), Len Fitzgerald (ST)
    RUCK -- Tom Leahy (NA), Neil Kerley (C)(WA), Bob Quinn (PA)
    INT -- Peter Carey (G), Paul Bagshaw (ST), Tom MacKenzie (NA, WT), Stephen Kernahan (G)
    COACH -- Jack Oatey (NWD, WA, ST)

    Next weekend in Round 16...

    Saturday August 12
    North Adelaide vs. Adelaide; Prospect Oval @ 2:10pm
    South Adelaide vs. Woodville-West Torrens; Hickinbotham Oval, Noarlunga @ 2:10pm
    Sturt vs. Glenelg; Peter Motley Oval, Unley @ 2:10pm
    West Adelaide vs. Port Adelaide; City Mazda Stadium, Richmond @ 2:10pm
    Norwood vs. Central District; Coopers Stadium, Norwood @ 2:40pm

    So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!

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  2. Crow_Magnon

    Crow_Magnon Club Legend

    Other teams:
    Sturt, Minnesota Vikings
    Apr 04
    Richmond VIC
    Wow, no Rick Davies in the 140 year Greatest Team? 390 games throughout his career (317 for Sturt, 33 for South Adelaide, 20 for Hawthorn, and 20 State Games for South Australia. 7 x Best & Fairest for the Double Blues.....
  3. deltablues

    deltablues Club Legend

    Other teams:
    Sturt, Green Bay Packers
    Jul 13
    Houston, Texas
    The Double Blues 1965 -1970 teams with Paul Bagshaw the only pick?