SANFL 2020 -- Round 1 Wrap-Up

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Hi Footy fans...

It's been over 280 days since the 2019 Grand Final and around three months since the league was supposed to re-commence. Thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, football was put on the shelf and players were forced to sit around and wait and some clubs even started fundraisers to stave off economical ruin. But with perseverance and adherence by the South Australian public to quarantine measures put in place by the SA Government, there was light at the end of the tunnel. The wait was finally over as SANFL football finally kicked off this past weekend, with a plan to play out a 14-round home and away season, a four-team finals series and in contrast to the AFL, no shortened quarters. The season would start off at the home of SA footy, the Adelaide Oval providing the league with the ability to keep up the social-distancing requirements and satisfy a football-starved public. So rejoice, my fellow SA footy-heads... the church is open once more.

Welcome to the Round 1 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

In the first match of the Saturday double header, it was a mid-day start as the Bulldogs faced the Double Blues. The Blues went into last year's finals series with higher expectations after going out of the 2018 finals in straight sets, but would be bounced out of the race at the first hurdle at the hands of the Redlegs by 14 points. Centrals on the other hand finished eighth, perhaps lucky not to finish ninth instead but that is obviously no consolation. The Blues took out both games against the Dogs last season, starting with a 39-point win at home in Round 8 and despite being more challenged in the return bout in Round 13 they still jagged a five-point win at the Ponderosa. Sturt went straight to work to kick three straight goals to the Bulldogs' paltry one behind to begin proceedings, taking a 17-point lead into the first change. The Bulldogs had a bit of renewed vigour in the second term despite not making a real impression on Sturt's lead, they scored 3.1 to three goals. That missed opportunity chipped one point off the Blues' initial lead, a gap of 16 points going into the long break. The Doggies continued to chip away at the Blues when play resumed, but more missed chances on goals would still leave them adrift by less than three straight kicks at the final change. Centrals scored 1.3 to 1.1 to reduce the Blues' lead to 14 points come three quarter-time. The Dogs weren't able to bridge the gap in the end, but new coach Jeff Andrews looks as though he's got plenty to work with and be optimistic about. Sturt would run out winners by 15 points, finishing off with a 1.2 to 1.1 final term. James Battersby was named best for the Blues, the Dogs named league debutant Nick Lange as their best.

The second match for the afternoon for the pre-3pm start saw the Eagles face the Panthers. Both of these sides finished just outside the five at the end of the 2019 home and away season, the Panthers' late season charge was scuttled by the Redlegs' Round 18 victory which left them one game adrift of a surprise finals berth. The Eagles finished in seventh, bowing out of the season on a 13-point loss at Prospect. These clubs' outings last year saw the Eagles take out both games, by seven goals at Woodville in Round 8 and then a thrilling finish in Round 13 down at Noarlunga by three points. This match would be far more spirited than the opening match of the day, no shortage of feeling with a few little scraps popping up here and there, both sides had a bit of a time finding the big sticks as the Eagles kicked out to a 13-point lead by quarter-time with their 3.4 to South's 1.3. But the Panthers hit back in the second term to overturn that deficit by the half-time break, bagging 4.3 and keeping the Eagles scoreless to take a 14-point lead into the changerooms. The third term was particularly scrappy, both sides finding busting defences hard going. The Panthers kicked the only goal of the term, a pair of missed chances for both sides setting the Eagles a 20-point task going into the final term. The final term was a goal-fest and would definitely earn its place as the quality game of the day. The Eagles would rally hard to take a one-goal lead late in the last quarter, kicking 6.2 to South's two goals. But a trio of Panther goals in five minutes saw them retake the lead deep into time-on, one last Eagles goal brought the final gap back to a single goal as the Panthers ran out winners. Joel Cross was named South's best, the Eagles voted in Jordan Foote as their best afield.

The rest of the weekend's action took place on the Sunday arvo, next we take a look at the contest between the Roosters and the Bloods. The Roosters crashed big time last year, the only saving grace is that they didn't finish rock bottom unlike the Bloods who finished wooden spooners. The 2018 premiers won just four games -- and had a two-game handicap after the 19th man incident -- in Season 2019, with one coming at the expense of the Bloods in Round 2 by 29 points at Prospect. But the Bloods managed to return serve in Round 13, nicking a two-point win at Richmond in what was their second and last victory for the year. As Josh Carr left Prospect for Western Australia to join the Fremantle coaching panel, Jacob Surjan, former Port Adelaide player and assistant coach to Carr at the Roosters was promoted to the senior position. An entertaining first half would ensue, the opening term saw the Roosters take a one-point lead into the first change, one last shot at goal sprayed wide in the dying seconds as North scored 3.2 to Westies' 3.1. The Bloods should have been either ahead or at very least still within a kick of the Roosters at the long break, but a trio of missed chances saw the red and whites ahead by five points at half-time after they scored 3.3 to 4.1. When play resumed, the Roosters started to really fire and soon West were left in their wake. Their third term was perhaps the game-breaker, keeping the Bloods to just 1.2 and scoring 4.2 for themselves to take their lead to 23 points by three-quarter time. The only thing the Bloods could do was not allow the damage to be made worse, eventually going down by 29 points with the Roosters adding a further 4.1 to Westies' 3.1. Despite the loss there were still encouraging signs of improvement for the seemingly perennial wooden spooners, with Jordon Boyle earning his stripes for his new club with best on ground honours for the Bloods. For the Roosters, Lewis Hender kicked seven goals and earned himself best afield votes for North.

The final match for the opening weekend was the much anticipated battle between the Tigers and the Redlegs. There's not much that needs to be said in regards to the Tigers, there's been many other years where they've come from a Preliminary Final to a Grand Final but have dropped their bundle at the final hurdle. But not in 2019. The Glenelg Football Club had waited over 30 years to exact vengeance on their old tormentors of Port Adelaide and they got it, winning by 28 points and taking their fifth premiership flag in almost 100 years of existence. While this was going on, the Redlegs were already in planning mode for 2020 after a second week exit from the finals and with their reserves winning the premiership, perhaps had something to draw upon internally along with some prized recruits externally. The Tigers were caught napping in the opening stanza, but some inaccuracy on goal left the door well and truly open. Norwood kicked 5.4 to the Bays' two goals to lead by 22 points at the first change. Glenelg managed to chip a goal's worth of points from that gap by the half-time siren, but could have been a lot closer had they been sharper in front of goal. They scored 3.3 to the 'Legs 2.3 in the second term, bringing the deficit back to 16 points at the break. The Norwood machine spluttered a bit in the third quarter as the Tigers made their move, however the continued inaccuracy by the premiers on goal would allow the Redlegs to stay in the hunt going into the final quarter. It was just a one-goal lead to Glenelg separating the two at three quarter-time, the Tigers having scored 3.5 to one behind. An all out battle played out and it went all the way to the final siren. But the Redlegs couldn't find the big sticks often enough and a tight Glenelg defence kept them at arms length long enough to see the Tigers home in a season opening classic. Glenelg's 3.2 to Norwoods' 3.5 was enough to secure a three point victory. Last year's Jack Oatey Medallist hasn't missed a step, Matt Snook was named best on ground for the Tigers, while the Redlegs named Matt Panos as their standout.


Saturday June 27

Sturt 8.3 (51)
Central District 5.6 (36)

South Adelaide 11.8 (74)
Woodville-West Torrens 10.8 (68)
3,542 @ Adelaide Oval

Sunday June 28
North Adelaide 15.6 (96)
West Adelaide 10.7 (67)

Glenelg 11.10 (76)
Norwood 10.14 (73)
3,907 @ Adelaide Oval

South -- Karpany (back), Rose (shoulder)
North -- Jarman (ankle)

North -- Hender (striking)
Glenelg -- Virgin (striking)

North -- 2pts (1-0-0), 58.9%
Sturt -- 2pts (1-0-0), 58.6%
South -- 2pts (1-0-0), 52.1%
Glenelg -- 2pts (1-0-0), 51%

Norwood -- 0pts (0-1-0), 49%
W-WT -- 0pts (0-1-0), 47.9%
Central -- 0pts (0-1-0), 41.4%
West -- 0pts (0-1-0), 41.1%

Next weekend in Round 2, the action stays at Adelaide Oval for one more week and then its back to the 'burbs!

Saturday July 4 @ Adelaide Oval
Sturt vs. Woodville-West Torrens @ 12:05pm
Norwood vs. North Adelaide @ 3:05pm

Sunday July 5 @ Adelaide Oval
South Adelaide vs. Glenelg @ 11:50am
West Adelaide vs. Central District @ 2:40pm

So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!
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Some good games in round 1, the Bays/Legs game was a ripper.

South were the only team the Bays didnt beat last year, hoping we can get one over the Panthers in Round 2.

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