The 2000AD Thread

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General Soreness

Awkward Squad
Aug 30, 2011
AFL Club
Anyone here still reading 2000AD?

I'm only reading it in the Judge Dredd Mega Collection series ... catching up with what's been going on since I stopped reading in the early 90's.


Aug 16, 2009
AFL Club
I started reading it when I was a kid from prog 1 and, like you stopped sometime in the 90's due to supply being unreliable and quality going downhill.

It's the only comic I've ever really loved. So many great stories, characters and the artwork was fantastic. Can't believe today how they kept the quality going on a weekly comic for so long.

Came across a few progs from 4 or so years ago and was very surprised how good they were. Also alot of the classic strips were back, ie. Strontium Dog, A.B.C Warriors and Bill Savage from Invasion. Judge Dredd also but of course he never left.

Thought about subscribing but cost was just too much. Digital cheaper but would prefer a hard copy.

Have subscribed to the Judge Dredd Mega Collection and am loving it.

Future Shock: The Story Of 2000ad is a fascinating documentary on the history of 2000ad focusing on behind the scenes from the beginning up until the early 2000's.

Also Judge Dredd is going to be made into a T.V. series. The biggest budget T.V. series in U.K. history and Karl Urben, who played Dredd in the 2012 movie is looking like he may play Dredd in the series although nothing is confirmed at this stage.


All Australian
Jun 7, 2010
AFL Club
The Nemesis series is one of my favourite ever. Brilliant artwork, story and characters, bought the books online about ten years ago and still holds up against anything coming out today. Torquemada one of the best villains ever.

Another favourite was Bad Company.

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Jan 20, 2008
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Still have my 2000AD monthly collection from the late 80's to sometime in the 90's. I'd be keen to sell them (not as keen as wifey mind) but I doubt they're worth much.

Favourite characters, geez there weren't many I didn't like. Slaine, ABC Warriors, Strontium Dog, Nemesis, Rogue Trooper (currently being adapted for film by Duncan Jones iirc), Dredd, DR & Quinch.. there was another series I can't remember the name of but it revolved around a group of space marines fighting an alien race they called 'geeks' iirc. That was good too.

Anyway, great series and plenty of characters just begging to be made into film adaptations. A Nemesis or ABC Warriors film would be all kinds of shut up and take my money.

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