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May 9, 2014
Donnybrook, WA
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
OKC (NBA), Geelong (AFLW)
Welcome to the BF Jerky Exchange!

Share with us your tales and experiences with dehydrated meat.

Whats your best marinades? Do you swear by a particular spice? How do you cook yours?

Lets turn this thread into a learning and humble-brag space to enjoy! 🐮🥩
I'm starting the thread as a recent victim of #jerkygonebad from my local supplier so have purchased a 10-tray Devanti dehydrator off eBay to make my own at home.

Apart from hopefully avoiding food poisoning in the future, it was save me a few $$$ and ability to sell excess to my workmates!

My first ever jerky attempt will be a Tobasco flavoured spicy marinade. I'm picking up 1kg of topside pre-cut into 5mm tomorrow and plan to soak for about 20hrs.
I would love to make Beef Jerky. Do people still air dry them, or do you use a dehydrator?

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ohhh a thread i can participate in!!

been on the jerky bandwagon now for many many years. if you don't have a dehydrator, then a fan forced oven on its lowest temp thats slightly cracked open (i used to use a spoon in the door to keep it open) will work.

in the dehydrator, usually find 8 hours at a lower temp is enough to get it to the desires dryness

my choice cut of meat is corned silverside, cut away as much of the fat as you can - particularly the fat cap

spice and marinade mix is pretty simple, soy and worcestershire sauce, with onion and garlic powders, some salt and pepper, nice dollop of honey then finish it off with a good quality hot sauce. let it sit for around 4 hours min (but 24 hours is best)

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