Universal Love The Tassie Academy (Young Devils)

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Norm Smith Medallist
May 27, 2013
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Now that Tasmania is officially joining the AFL and the club's likely inaugural season is 2027, we can start to talk about the academy that will be established as a result. At this point it's not really clear if the academy will be take shape as a Victorian Next Generation Academy or if it will be replicate the northern academy conditions where the club has first access to all Tasmanian draft prospects but I tend to think it will be the latter of those two options. I would also add that 2024 will likely be the first intake of Tasmanian signings with the intention of having those players competing for the club in the 2025 Coates League season as well as the VFL in 2026.

Oliver Depaoli-Kubank was named in the U16 All-Australian team last year and also won the Alan McLean medal as the best player from the Div II teams and I dare say Depaoli-Kubank will be Tasmania's first ever signing when he becomes draft eligible next year. Not sure about any other Tasmanian prospects at this stage so anyone else that has some information feel free to share. I'm also putting forward a name for the Tassie Academy of the Young Devils. This is obviously under the assumption that the AFL team nickname will be the Devils.

Keep an eye on the Young Devils!


Brownlow Medallist
Nov 2, 2014
AFL Club
Other Teams
I am looking forward to see how they shake up the Devil's program over the next few years. We have been a much stronger junior level state since inclusion into the NAB league.

The 2024 draft from Tassie doesn't look like it will be as strong as 2022 and 2023 imo.

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