UEFA Europa League 2020/21 (Semi Finals)

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Art Vandelay_

Oct 28, 2012
AFL Club
Other Teams
Bushrangers, AC Milan
Actually, Fergie prevented Arsenal from winning more titles. They've won 3 but, if it wasn't for Fergie, it would've been even more.
What a man, did god’s work. No wonder he’s knighted ;)
We've only come 2nd 4 times in the prem era, twice to City and once to Arsenal, so that's not really true.
coincidence you’ve emerged from the Roy era of midtable after SAF retired. I think not..
Did Gero just do a Jod and make it about Liverpool? :D
Wow that’s a lowblow. Don’t make me do a GB. On second thought no one wants that.

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Boris the Contradiction

Premiership Player
Mar 11, 2008
AFL Club
So does the winner get CL entry next season or ESL entry?
Been wondering about this.

I think ESL is happening and the big 6 clubs will stay in the EPL (it'll fall over without them), but where do the five 'promotion' clubs come from?
If they've not guaranteed to stay in it, the CL or EL winners can't risk foregoing CL qualification and probable UEFA sanctions in favour of playing in the ESL for one season.

International clubs maybe? 15 permanent European teams plus 5 teams from other continents?

5 top European teams that didn't qualify for the CL?

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