Vale Shane Warne

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Did anyone watch remembering shane warne on Foxtel the Allan Border interview? has AB got parkinson's disease? he looked like M J Fox could not keep his head still

Yep, noticed that as well. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or nervous energy but I was thinking the same thing.
Confirmed state funeral by the Victorian government and the Warne family. Was a formality I suppose.

Really hope it can be at the G. Would be an incredible celebration and tribute of his life.
He deserves the farewell covid denied Deano, one last lap of a packed MCG chanting his name.

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He deserves the farewell covid denied Deano, one last lap of a packed MCG chanting his name.

i remember that lap of honour at the funeral for Hooksey, i cant imagine that at the G for Warnie, wouldnt be a dry eye in the house
Steve Waugh was the only major falling out I didn't agree with, he just for whatever reason wouldn't let it go, to bring it in 2019 publicly saying he "hated" Steve Waugh was just wrong.

It was like he channeled all his anger at his body and lack of form in that series into hating Steve and he never got over it. Incredible he would hold a grudge for over 20 years. Not that Waugh gave a shit.
It was like he channeled all his anger at his body and lack of form in that series into hating Steve and he never got over it. Incredible he would hold a grudge for over 20 years. Not that Waugh gave a sh*t.

Yes was just a dumb grudge, i mean we’d lost 2 tests with Lara destroying him and he clearly wasn’t right with his shoulder having just come back.

That he’d then come back and play another 8 years and dominate you’d think would surely have softened the blow, just seemed really odd.

Either way, love warney, but still can talk about his weird quirks. All part of the package.
Just switched on to watch the Paki v Aus game, what's being shown? An interview of Warnie by Mark Howard, what's he talking about? His kids...We've lost an idol, a fan favourite, a sportsman...They've lost their father...Far-out.

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Tribute from The Barmy Army:

“Personal favourite Warne memory - at The Oval, 2005,” wrote Foy. “Bantering with England fans by the boundary, they were giving him plenty but then started huge chant of ‘we only wish you were English.’

“He turned, doffed his hat, little bow, close to tears.”

The saddest part about Warnies passing for me , is just seeing all the pics of Shanes professional life and family life these past few days , is that there would have been very few times when he would have been by himself.

Always with someone or team or group of people , and the one time when he needed someone , anyone the most , in that room , that they might have possibly saved him , he was on his own.

Watching old footage of him as I've been doing a bit lately, when you see the Ansett Australia sponsorship on shirts and ads for Mitsubishi Magnas on the boundary fence, it make very recent history seem a long time ago.
Have not watched the 99 world cup semi final since his passing.

Plan to do so over the next few days and I reckon I'm going to tear up for sure once he starts getting wickets.
Australias best ever bowler and probably will be for as long as the world we know exists.

Also a narcissistic drug addict.

We are a all a blend of good and bad.

The king of spin is dead, long live the king
Drug addict? Go on? Have heard he was very anti recreational drugs.
Still pretty shocked that he passed away, but when you consider his eating and smoking habits it is not so much of a surprise.

I saw him play in the famous 1st Test against Sri Lanka at the SSC in Colombo, that match that really turned him into an international player. Just wish I'd gone on the last day when he worked the magic to take 3 for not many to win the game.

I met him in 1994 when Australia next visited Sri Lanka. It was at a function for the team at the Australian High Commission, and at a time in his life when by his own admission he had become a bit of a big head. You can imagine the disappointment when he wouldn't sign autographs for the kids (myself included), especially when all the other players did. Tubby Taylor took him outside for a word and then back he came, different attitude and signed for everyone. It is telling that this is so out of character with most people's experience with him. He obviously changed his attitude a lot after this time in his life. What he did after the tsunami for the people of Sri Lanka was fantastic and he is still loved there for it.

As an England fan, I often couldn't stand him as he tormented us no end. At the same time, you couldn't help but respect just how good he was at the caper. I used to dread whenever he would get tossed the ball because inevitably, whatever partnership our batters had started to put together would inevitably be broken. I was actually hoping he might be serious with his recent statement that he might be interested in a role with England. We could've definitely used his immense knowledge of the game and his confidence to rub off on our players.

The renaming of the Great Southern Stand is a perfect tribute. The tributes on Fox Cricket over the weekend have also been very well done.

A huge loss for Cricket, we're not going to see one like Warney again.
I have heard this a lot here about his commentary. Why was it bad or disliked?

Overanalysis? Boring? Know-it-ally? Boys Clubby?

I've never heard his commentary but guessing it would be a bit like what Dermot Brereton is with footy. Which is all of the above.

His work commentating abroad for Sky Sports in the UK for England home test matches was so much better than his commentary in Australia. Sky UK have an excellent balance of expert analysis and good humour which never really ventured into laddish 'banter' which Australian broadcasting has become since the old guard of Channel 9's cricket coverage moved on. Warne was an amazing tactician and his cricketing brain to explain nuances of not just spin bowling but the rest of the game really shone for Sky Sports where he was working with Mike Atherton, Nasser Hussain, Michael Holding, David Gower, David Lloyd etc.

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