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  • Hey Gough I feel like I know you well. When ever I get over whelmed with hate I log on to Big Footy and you are always there fighting the cause, you have such courage and intelligence I have seen you debate many issues you are so tenacious but also respectful and you sure are a very funny guy.

    Thankyou Gough you are my favourite Big Footy Player.
    Wish you would write and publish a biography. You interesting bastard.
    Just thought I should mention that my post about the Beatles and South Australia are meant to support the humour you showed in stating Fred Hollowes visited Adelaide Airport. The post is not meant to be sarcastic or attacking against you.
    I'd be interested in the 1965-66 ABC Cricket Book if it's still available. I already have a copy but the cover isn't in very good condition. If you're interested, what arrangement do you want to make?
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