Game Day West Coast Eagles vs Port Adelaide: Round 6 2023

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So at the start of the year when I signed up for this thread I envisioned being far more optimistic about the season's result to date; I had ideas of creating a Family Feud style OP of Nisbett/Simmo/Hurn/Player#4 vs Kochie/Hinkley/Willie/#4 hosted by Steve Harvey and Junior giving thick as pig-s**t answers and Simmo saying "synergy" etc. But though we've progressed in terms of what appears to be a far more attacking game plan, just plain rotten luck (come @ me squashface & FKASC) with injuries has demolished the motivation for this and instead sewed the seed of perhaps what a crazy German scientist/doctor from circa 1940 could do with our injury list so we could field a more competitive side. So here's the results:





If we could get these players on field, I think it'd go a long way to getting the win - and most importantly improving our draft position in regards to Port's Picks that they owe us.

Danger game: Eagles by 17 points

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Look I'm as optimistic as the best of them but even I think we will need more than 4 players to roll this mob. Sadly we will most likely only be able to field 3.
I think we will win if our players all use Tesla Med Beads.


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Danger Game

WCE by a Luke Shuey free after the siren
Was a pleasant evening forgetting how terrible the state of the Eagles is at the moment. Big crash back to reality coming today - let's hope we can see some intent and pressure from our players and for *s sake just avoid injuries for a few weeks.
Its fine, sunny and a perfect day for football here in Adelaide today............which isn't going to help us at all

Would have much preferred torrential rain and a crazy breeze to turn it into a greasy slog and at least give us a miniscule chance

Power's % isn't great and they are undoubtedly going to use this game to give it a boost. If we can keep the margin below 10 goals, that would be a performance worthy of some praise

Eagles to take the points by default after the Morphett street bridge collapses with the Power team bus on it, winning via forfeit

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