Poll "What If" Wednesdays: Week 1 - University

Choose your favourite set (Not your own)

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Naycha Boah
Aug 4, 2012
Nunya. Nunya Business
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Excellent haul for week 1

This week we asked........

Poll will run for 1 week
Winner picks next team from this list
- University

Yet to be done
- Brisbane Bears
- Fitzroy Lions
- Sydney Lions
- Melbourne Hawks
- Melbourne Lions
- North Fitzroy Kangaroos
- Fitzroy Bulldogs
- Tasmanian team
- Sydney Celtics
- Fremantle (Union, Courage, Dolphins, Hammers, Stokers, Mariners)
- Fremantle Sharks (East Fremantle and South Fremantle merger)
- Greater Western Sydney (Pride, Wolves, Stallions)
- Norwood-Sturt merger for AFL spot
- Adelaide (Lakers, Sharks, Falcons, Rams)
- Port Adelaide (Raiders, Pirates, Mariners, Sharks)
- Gold Coast (Stingrays, Marlins, Lifesavers, Ironmen)

As for teams with more than 1 nickname next to them, The team will still be used until all nicknames have been done eg. All 4 Port Adelaides proposed team nicknames
Entry 1 akkaps In future please include socks.

Entry 2 Bryce_Jersey17

Entry 3 ScottFreo

Entry 4 muggsy26

Entry 5 Spanna65

Entry 6 rEALdEAL86

Entry 7 wizardwaffle

Entry 8 St Mark In future, please include a logo

Entry 9 Greater Gattsby

Entry 10 Bacon Warrior

Entry 11 HaroCant ll There are better shorts and socks around here

Entry 12 Damo Crows Fan

Entry 13 pie_machine

Good luck to all​

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Dunk the Lunk
Jul 27, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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The Red Dragon not the Black
Voted for Bacon Warrior because the rest are batshit boring. Bryce's is next best but it's still mediocre.


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