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I knew a Jason Ashman from Ulverstone, Tas a while back. Loved the Hawks and the No.23 (Derm)? Not prying and respect your privacy.
How are you mate. Regarding Swanny, when he was involved with that serious assault, the Collingwood board wanted him sacked. Mick Malthouse insisted on giving a young man a second chance. Thank god he did. What a champion he became.
hey man, can you please share the bombshell if there is one. It will be for my own person knowledge and not to share. Cheers
hey mate, just seeing whats up with this news you and plugger know? would be so good to hear, already excited about next year.. cheers mate
We were just stiring up old mate Johnny flamingo , its just all bullshit ;)
ah ok lol cool.. wasnt sure as i havnt read every page lol
I hope I didn't disappoint you by my lack of something.. I have a performance of no return..

You are delightful in your personality and your subject that you parade..

Hang ten.. or fourteen... :'(
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Nah, you're good, Leeda.
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no now now hachared stuff and wandering position..
Hey, youve dropped out of the Whattsapp group ! Are you still keen on the fantasy footy?
Mate, seems I am still banned from PM and Dan Andrews thread past the one week sanction. Please advise. Thanks.
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