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  1. Bloodied52

    List Mgmt. 2019 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals Thread

    WTF with this Cheer Squaddie yapping about big fish! We are not #lolNorf for whom a sardine is a bewildered Wilbur the Whale. We are not the Dees whose last big time recruits to have a modicum of success were Diamond Jim Tilbrook and Skeletor Moore.
  2. ossie_21

    2nds Footscray Bulldogs 2019 Thread

  3. jd2010

    The Association Football AFL Thread

    ...But there's more chance actually landing targets off the back of a good 2nd half to the season than we've had in the last 3 years. There's a #lolNorf style warchest available to target 23-27 year olds which they've said they'll be aggressive in pursuing this year, whether we fail to land...
  4. Jeremias

    No Opposition Supporters General AFL Discussion #11 - Carlton Posters ONLY!

    #lolNorf 😂😂😂
  5. Shuestar13

    Opposition Camp Non Eagles AFL discussion thread III

  6. captain blood 17

    Norf vs Hawthorn: Rhyce Shaw looks like a bald garden gnome with psychotic twinkling eyes.

    I’m rolling with the classic #lolNorf Sure, it’s safe and predictable, but that’s the way us country folk like it.
  7. SavDog23

    No Opposition Supporters OPPOSITION OBSERVATION XXIV

    Norf set for another 150 years of being irrelevant minnows under Shaw. #lolNorf
  8. Spacedog

    No Opposition Supporters OPPOSITION OBSERVATION XXIV

  9. L

    Opposition Camp Non-Essendon Football Thread XIV

    Was a pretty shit free that enabled the Lions to take the lead, but #lolNorf
  10. robbieando

    No Opposition Supporters 2019 General AFL Discussion

    A real #lolNorf just happened
  11. Cleric

    To my beloved Camry Drongoes to whom my taxes pay your welfare.....

    #lolNorf Dont tag me into posts flog.
  12. Beerfish

    MVP 2019 BigFooty Essendon Board Player of the Year

    ROUND 17 Essendon 12.14 86 def #lolNorf 12.9 81 5. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (133) 4. Dylan Clarke (66) 3. Zach Merrett (49) 2. Conor McKenna (48) 1. Jake Stringer (35)
  13. Shuestar13

    Toast Rnd 17: Win Against the Roos the party here, but my goodness that was an amazing finish! Tippa 😍 Well done Dons! And the Norf board... my goodness. We (WCE) are well and truly acquainted with some of the more “interesting” people on there. Demented and disturbed are two descriptions that fit. Hilarious reading 😂😂...
  14. Runk

    Toast Rnd 17: Win Against the Roos

    How'd that Norf ball magnet Cunningham bloke or whatever his name is go today? Did he put Clarke in hospital or did Clarke pants him too? I'm gonna dine out on this one for while. This was delicious. #lolNorf

    Discussion Round 17 Discussion (Dedicated to vanders)

  16. Runk

    Competitions 2019 Closest to the Pin - Congratulations to our winner, Gabe251!

    I'm saying #lolNorf by 36 points
  17. T


    ...crisis that crippled our spine and took our core stars and entire leadership group off the park. Why is all this sycophantry afforded to the Maggots, #lolNorf, Druggies and Geelong FFS. I wonder if Carlton will get the hate we have received if they ever get off the bottom and win another flag.
  18. Beerfish

    MVP 2019 BigFooty Essendon Board Player of the Year

    ROUND 5 Essendon 17.14 116 def #lolNorf! 7.16 58 5. Dylan Shiel (149) 4. Zach Merrett (122) 3. Dyson Heppell (82) 2. Orasio Fantasia (67) 1. Connor McKenna (12)

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