Usage for hash tag: lolNorf

  1. Shell

    Banter 2021 Off-Topic Chat Thread

    #lolNorf (lets hope we're saying that come 7.15pm and not #lolcats)
  2. north_lad

    Is North Melbourne passing on Logan McDonald going to be the 2021 version of the Bulldogs passing on Buddy for Ryan Griffin

    ...long until Jaidyn Stephenson gets caught placing another multi? - is jack ziebell the worst captain in the league - *generic thread about Norf being pov/moving to Tasmania/having no fans* - Norf got the sh*t McKay, #lolNorf - Cunnington is bald and not as good as "The Bont" - 2016 wasn't a fluke
  3. sataris

    Random Random Thoughts Rebooted

    Wasn't there a #lolNorf thread somewhere on our board?
  4. Wosh

    Game Owenorf vs Camries in The Wooden Spoon passover flogbuster

  5. Grand Uncle Horace

    No Oppo Supporters 2021 General AFL Discussion

    Saw this on the Weasels Board. #lolNorf
  6. The_torpedo

    Post here if you’ve scored over 100 this year

    Proudly scored 150+ this year in one game #lolNorf
  7. Kennedy Parker

    Universal Love #StackedSix

    You're being trolled? Gee, the mods should really do something about that. Unfortunately around these parts even the moderators are trolls. #lolNorf
  8. Shell

    Banter 2021 Off-Topic Chat Thread

    Lol to think i was a #lolNorf fan once upon a time
  9. Shell

    Banter 2021 Off-Topic Chat Thread

    Lmfao was wondering why #lolNorf wasnt trending. It is now!
  10. _Mike_

    Review Dogs 167 slaughter Roos 39 - Rd 3 2021

    ******* hell..... #lolNorf
  11. ossie_21

    Game Day Western Bulldogs vs The Tassy tin rattlers

    Imagine only showing some fight when you’re 20 goals down and a bloke is just about to kick 10 on you Pissant footy club #lolNorf
  12. Wosh

    Live Chat Happy Good Friday Football shitfest day

    :$ #lolNorf
  13. Shell

    Banter 2021 Off-Topic Chat Thread

    #lolNorf :tearsofjoy:
  14. ossie_21

    2021 Membership Thread

    You can secure a ticket tomorrow, but can’t choose an upgrade until general public sale starts. Almost guaranteed tickets and seats available, because #lolNorf
  15. momentbymoment

    Player Watch #6 Logan McDonald - Pick 4 - welcome

    Perhaps their social media team wanted to boost the #lolNorf tag
  16. DeadlyAkkuret

    Player Watch #6 Logan McDonald - Pick 4 - welcome

    The result of the biggest #lolNorf to date. It’s almost poetic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. ossie_21

    2021 Membership Thread

    ...for round 2, potentially round 3 but I think any decision will be confirmed & announced suddenly. I’m back from Perth just before the Good Friday game so already crossing everything I can get tickets, seeing the capacity for the #lolNorf game v Port as well as being the day is giving me good hope
  18. Beerfish

    General Bombers Talk Non-Essendon Football Thread XIV