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  • I was at Morningside the QAFL club he started with, i was a kid when he first played there before he started with the bears. He had a stint there again after his Sanfl career finished. I played ressies he obviously was in the seniors. Good bloke.
    From memory he started at Brisbane? Is that where you played footy with him? He would have played more games for Carlton had they not been so strong during the period he was there.
    Yep a big favourite of mine. Still remember vividly the goal he kicked at the G against Melbourne in 95 from the centre square!!
    Another footy game, another night at work. lol. although what I did see we were ok. I see selwood has not imrpoved, and I think he will be struggling for a place in the 22. Decision making and slowness are his letdown imo. Loved Prouds bump, and head over the ball stuff. How u been
    take care
    Hey you
    I was working. had a lovely lady though who was a Saints supporter, so I kept peeking. Good win.A fade out though I see now I can look at the result at home. I like the look of Corny. Selwood hasnt changed, still that startled deer look.
    U enjoy the win.
    take care
    If your message is directed at me- I can't think how I might have transgressed but then again with my keyboard skills who knows- I sincerely apologise. I would never breach Board confidentiality knowingly but my input this morning re blood tests etc deliberately excluded anything of a directly personal nature. To be honest I don't even know what last night's blood tests were all about.
    Good to see proud back this week. I hope he gets a good amount of game time, instead of bench sitting. A lot of changes this week. I wonder when we will get the news on JB?
    A long season nearly over.
    I thought of u in the private box with the missus.
    What an awful game to take her to.
    can u pop me a line
    Prac Education stuff for one of my boys
    Hey mate, I can't PM you because your inbox is full. I have an important message to send you. What should I do?
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