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    2013 Brownlow Medal - Discussion Thread

    Question, for you all. How would the footy world react if Jobe Watson won back to back??
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    2013 Brownlow Medal - Discussion Thread

    Gee is he batting above his average or what!! She is the best looking chick in the AFL.
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    2013 Brownlow Medal - Discussion Thread

    Meh, how many of those were damaging??
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    Well done guys. Congrats to Freo.

    Mate, I've been to Geelong about 10 times to watch the Eagles play Geelong. Let me tell you I hate them with a passion. I hate them more then any other team in the AFL. When they won their first flag in what ever how many years it was I was sick to my stomach. I'm so glad you beat them today!!!!!
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    Well done guys. Congrats to Freo.

    Congrats to all the Freo fans out there! I'm a Melbourne based Eagles fan, so I have nothing against Fremantle at all. I hope you go all the way, I'd love nothing better then to see a premiership medal around Pavs neck. Well done and good luck!
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    Opinion Who do you WANT to coach in 2014

    Clarkson thanks.
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    Toast End of an era - Worsfold quits

    I hope we have a crack at Clarkson. Maybe if they win the flag and Buddy leaves Clarko might be looking for a change. Hell get him to bring Buddy with him!
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    The Little Master Retires - Thanks Kerry What has changed since this??
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    MVP Round 22 Votes vs Collingwood

    I agree his handballing was off. His decision making was very average also, but doesn't take away the fact that he has had a great year and improved a lot. Priddis does always try, he is a warrior and needs to be in our midfield. As I've said before, his efficiency isn't' always the best, but...
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    MVP Round 22 Votes vs Collingwood

    :-) I understand the game of football quite well and my eyesight is fine thank you very much. If we didn't' have Priddis in our side we would hardly win a clearance. Most of the time when he wins the footy he has 2 blokes hanging off him, so you would expect his disposal efficiency to be lower...
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    MVP Round 22 Votes vs Collingwood

    Masten????? He was pathetic!!!! Yes he got alot of the ball, but all he did was handball to a teammate that was about to get tackled, or he called for the ball when he had someone on him. Go back and watch his first 7 touches and everyone results in a turnover. And no one gave Priddis a...
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    Toast Adam Selwood and Mark Nicoski retire

    Hopefully Selwood can get a farewell game in round 23. Was always a selfless player so I hope the club can do the same for him.
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    Unofficial Preview Changes for Round 20 vs Essendon @ Etihad Stadium

    How is Ash Smith getting a game????? Who will get the flick from this list?? 35 Patrick McGinnity 43 Ashton Hams 2 Mark LeCras 34 Mark Hutchings 32 Andrew Embley 7 Chris Masten 11 Matt Priddis
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    Game Day Round 19 - WCE v GCS - 3/8 @ PS

    Do you think Darling gets enough of the ball??
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