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    Ex-NBL players - where are they now

    South East Melbourne Magic cap for sale
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    South East Melbourne Magic Comeback!
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    Discussion What Footy Jumpers/Sports Uniforms Do You Own?
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    NBL 2015/2016 Season

    where would I post something like this?
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    2013 Dreamteam/Supercoach Questions Thread

    Going by Crouchs game otw, will he keep his spot? I either get Mitchell and keep crouch or get Martin, then trade Crouch to Mitchell next round.
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    Gold Coast Suns in DT/SC 2013.

    I'm bringing in Nicholls for Gawn. All I want is that playing ruck who can give me a 60 when I have an injury etc. is this Nicholls? Also, Timmy Sumner... Will he keep his spot? It's either him or Hitchcock/Salter from port.
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    Competitions 2013 Dream Team and Supercoach questions here

    Will Salter play in the next few weeks? Looking to offload Brown or Rowe.
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    Food, Drink & Dining Out How Often do you Drink?

    I drink once a month. 30 days without drinking, then 30 days worth of drinking in the one night.
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    Last Man Standing 2013 (Sportingbet)

    under 200 iirc
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    Competitions 2013 Dream Team and Supercoach questions here

    Colquhon job security? It's either him or Sierakowski from Norf for Lewis Stevenson this week. I managed to trade Westhoff to JRoo in SuperCoach draft last week. Good move?
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    Discussion General Questions

    Thanks. Wasn't sure if it was my computer not showing the "S". Hopefully next year that can happen. Ended up bringing in Dwyer. Need cash quick.
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    Discussion General Questions

    click the little picture button when you are replying and enter the url of the image. probably uses the same [ img ] link [ /img ] without the spaces
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    Discussion General Questions

    Why cant i trade Patton out, Bartel from Mid to fwd, B Goodes from def to Mid and bring in a defender? (Hutchins)
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    Opinion 2013 Player/s X versus Y

    Mayes or Dwyer? Who will get me to $300k-$350k the quickest?
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