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  • Oh hi,'s things? Think the Kangaroos can make the 8 next year and join the Swans in the finals? How's them mighty Borough? Still pinching myself.
    Haha I'm fine, just thought it was funny. 5 minutes before getting it, I thought to myself that I shouldn't of done the last one. ;)
    You still make me sad, everytime I look at the "1 day ban" and your name next to it.
    please delete one of the threads i made on bay 13. i chose the poll options incorrectly.

    all it says is delete
    mate, can you please delete the second Greg Williams thread which I have reduced to six letters. I accidentally posted it twice. Thanks BE
    Brah you knew that Mod comment wasn't directed at you. Liked your post but you should have left mine up. Anyway, Norf tongue balls.
    hahahah nice on dude

    "Plays like a he-man against weak opposition or when the game is over with his twirling finger after a goal...complete dud!"

    i seriously no joke laughed for like 5 minutes

    funny you say this cause me and my brother were arguing who has the most kickable face in the afl

    and he said maxwell i said Davis
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