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  • I wouldn't have thought so, i heard you're quite the ladies man...oh wait..we are talking about a different horn, right?
    Hey BE, what caused this Red??? I'm betting Wambat...You let TWITA know that it was nothing to do with me....he makes twice as much as the rest us and wants me to buy the first two rounds??????
    Yours is not a name I ever expected to see in red my friend.

    If it was market who pushed you over the edge, I suggest he can buy the first two rounds.
    The only person that could save you from your Red Card, is Big Gav. I've heard whispers that if you pray to him nightly, he flies in through the window and adds centimetres to your penis
    Poor Gav! I could swallow it a bit easier if it was Shannon Watt, then I could understand the piss take. Good ol Bay13, noone is sacred.
    Truce then? I'll admit some of the North trolling has been a bit harsh and I'll stop... but you have to admit, the Big Gav thing I started has caught on a bit and its pretty funny.
    I have nothing to match the last message you got, big E. And feel like i have interrupted something. Nonetheless would like to say that you have done what few can do,,,, and that is rise quickly in a difficult place. It bodes well for you not just here but where ever you go. That is what you should carry. Always.

    but that means little for you dullard mate

    Does that make sense?
    hey bigeasy... just lookin back over some posts of yours and u say Roger Podolczak was one of the worst 5 recruits at north... i work with this guy everyday and i would love some ammo to bag him on his football career(17 crap games), can you explain why he was so crap. thanks mate
    Ahh well scoreline was closer...:eek:

    Hopefully we can knock off the swans...if we don't I will be very pissed. We've beaten Sydney easily twice this year.
    Cheers mate, hey at least your boys put up a fight, the Doggies were terrible.
    hey mate, sorry to see north lose today. As much s**t as I give you guys, I hate interstate clubs even more (Geelong is interstate to me as well)
    Bad luck, wanted North to win. However part of me is gloating that duck fan, SLF and co's team went down....shame it had to be yours as well.
    Thanks mate, that's very unexpected but much appreciated. Shame I'll spend the whole day at work and in the cold at footy training
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