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  • Disappointed to see you got banned, dude. You always play with a straight bat in my opinion.
    Hey mate, haven't seen you or your photos on the music board for a while hope all is well and we see some more photos from gigs soon.
    Hi Richard! How are you? Good I hope. 2 Questions! Did you take any Pics of "The Break" &, more importantly, are you getting any sort of opportunity to see Richard Ashcroft, at the end of this Month. I just got a ticket to his show at The Palace. Should be interesting. Love him & he was Paul's Fave. I've heard he does some Verve Songs too, so, fingers X'd. No Geelong for me. Have Bronchitis at the moment, so laying low & trying to regroup! Have Medication, so, hopefully that does the trick. Cheers Richard, Joan
    Hi Richard! Have spoken to Shane & will meet at the "Railway Hotel" across the rd from Nth Station at 1.00PM, & then go to Arden Street, do the Ashes, & then onto "The Leveson". Would love to catch up with you. Love J & A x
    Hi Richard!! Hope you are good. Have discussed with Shane, &, am going with Paul's Birthday, which is Melbourne Cup day, 3/11. Would really love to see you there. Shane wants to meet at the Railway Hotel, for a Quick one, walk down to Arden Street, do the Ashes, then to the Leveson for drinks after!! Looking at about 12.30-1.00PM, just need Shane to confirm. Will be in touch. Love Joan & "Arch" xox
    Hi Richard!! Picked Paul's Ashes up yesterday. Am just sorting out with Shane (Paul's Brother) details of scattering. Will let you know. Am OK. Paul is always with me & looking after me. Go ROOS!!! Love Joan & "Arch" x
    Hey Blackshadow. Brilliant football shots!
    I just recently did work experience at the Herald Sun with their sports photographers and I have some shots that I would like to post on bigfooty. But I can't get a decent watermark on my images...could you tell me step by step how you watermark your shots?
    I also did some shots of Jack Ziebell when he got the rising star award. You might have seen them on the backpage of the Herald Sun 2 weeks ago.

    Mister Carlton
    Ha Ha!!

    You're still lagging well behind me though. I killed off 3 threads yesterday! The Alice In Chains one, the V Festival one, and the English bands v American bands one!!!

    I killed off an Iron Butterfly one last week and got myself into the refs. book for my troubles!!!

    I think there needs to be some sort of screening process prior to people being allowed to open threads TBH. Just can't let any riff raff in to voice their unintelligent opinions...

    No msn and I post them on a couple of photo forums.

    You can always reach me by email through my website.

    Cheers, Richard
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