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  • hey bro was neville jetta in adelaide? so it wasnt lewis?
    no idea mate. Just if people were using a sight gag about Jetta in Adeladie than thought id join the p take. btw the Jetta's have family in Adeladie.
    I should take pm's. Had one yesterday, so it should work.

    I was thinking about this as well. I only started that 'Photo thread' but we need way more. So you have free reign, the Cigar Bar is your oyster.

    I might get some others to start them though as you said. It will look odd if you start about 10 threads in succession. Maybe post your thread ideas in random thoughts and others can claim them? But yeah, go nuts. Time to bring the board back from the dead.
    :eek: goddammit i spent 150 bucks on that banner..... what flag would u take?? cause i can patch it up
    Hey mate, you want me to do the tallying up of votes for POTY this week? I'm happy to do it this week if you don't want to.
    Isn't it o\ironic that the player I wanted us to draft for some x factor we actually drafted :S
    Hey man
    Yeah a bit quiet atm... Have classes and study... SIGH...

    Also had a bit of a big weekend...

    Will try and post a bit tonight I know the perfect player we have to try and draft for some x factor...

    Hope your o.k too
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