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  • "When I read about the evils of drinking rum, I gave up reading."

    I like that one. I saw a sign on the Charles Hotham Hotel in Geelong.
    "If you had to make a choice between being skinny and drinking wine, what would you choose?
    Red or White?"
    Davo, do you ever get over here (Mebourne-Geelong) during the footy season?
    If so, you should come and have a pregame (and post game) beer with us.
    Just make a noise on the meet up thread. I will be happy to be shouted beers by an international traveler all night. ;-)

    Cheers, The Rabbi
    David the Cat
    David the Cat
    Actually, theres a chance I'll be around early April...I'll post on the meet up thread when i know for sure. And happy to buy you a few beers...and happy to receive a few rums! (I think I win on that deal!! :)))
    How have you been mate? Some personal issues in my life that I'm currently trying to sort.

    I'm about to enter the world of Psychology again mate, Wish me luck.

    These kids are wonders but believe it or not, it's the parents I'm usually assisting.

    Congrats on the Geelong board POTY mate. It's been a pleasure.
    I havn't seen you post much....unless i've missed them. We look good for the future mate with the amount of first gamers we've played. I havn't given up on this season but 2015 onwards looks good. I hope all is well David.
    I am actually not that upset...I am kinda getting used to it!! LOL.
    I was really impressed by selwoods leadership in the last quarter, terrific heart. Totally inspired the cats when they where gone. You should be thrilled!! Double?? why not. Wouldnt put anything past the cats. :)
    congrats on an incredible victory mate. Have to go and face the music, anything harsh I say I apologise for to you...I probably wont but you know how it can get on the bay :)
    Hey Dave, hope its not to cold in Geneva...I am praying for the hawks to finally win one against the cats....I am going and will have a beer for you mate. I am betting its going to be a close one....goal either way....hope my heart can take the strain :)
    Get prepared to get reamed Eatser Monday. No Kelly, Pods or Scarlett. A Hawthorn team who are out for blood. It's payback time friend :D
    Hawthorn are certs this year mate :) Everyone else is playing for second :p Nah it should be a good season, round 2 will be a ripper!
    Did you manage to catch the documentary and the Grand Final recall? I was pretty impressed with the former and quite surprised with The Collingwood coaches pre-game speech. I think he knew they were in for a long day.
    Thanks moondog....I hadn't read it, so thanks for the link. I think SJ sees a lot in our younger blokes, so we will find out soon enough. Smedts looks like he has a lot of time which is the sign of a very good player and young Guthrie looks like a goer. I also hope we see some of Motlop before too long...he oozes class but just needs to work on his defensive side. But he sure can deliver by foot.

    Me? Yes, maybe if my attitude to footy was different I might have made it though truthfully I lacked a yard I reckon. My hands were VFL standard but delivery was a bit inconsistent, but given I was training twice a week at most and playing sundays, maybe with more time...who knows. University studies were primary for me at that time anyway, and the hard Queensland grounds felt much more like home than Morabbin!!! I enjoyed my footy and if I had my time over again...with what I know now?...well maybe...

    Did you play much yourself?
    It sounds like you had a promising football career. Injury, attitude, circumstances, a combination of the 3 or another explanation for your career not progressing. Which team in QLD did you happen to play for? You must of had a little bit of talent to be invited to train with a VFL side.:thumbsu:

    I found an article on the AFL website that suggests to me the Cats still have the hunger for another flag which got the veins circulating in anticipation for round 1.

    Although obviously a pre-season fluff piece, Johnson seems to think the Cats will be a better side in 2012.

    They need to improve another 10% as other clubs with the extra pre-season and development of the younger players, coupled with another year of progress with game plans etc, are only going to get stronger.

    If you havn't already viewed the article here is a link.:D


    Bring on 2012.
    I'm not at all worried about the result, nor surprised for that matter as the Tigers have everything to prove and a lot to gain, but i'm concerned with the lack of ruck depth.
    Passing judgement on a couple of NAB cup games isn't much to form a strong basis of opinion on, but i'm not sure big Orren is up to AFL standard. We better hope West shoulders most of the rucking load and Simpson and vardy can return for our assault on the finals. I'm confident we'll be in the top few on the ladder, but in saying that i sure as hell hope West doesn't break down anytime soon. I think we may see Bathie or Walker elevated in the not to distant future, for short term insurance at least. I hope all is well in your neck of the snow.:D
    That's ok DTC! I enjoy reading your posts and think your one of the better posters on the board. For somebody who lives on the other side of the world, your knowledge of the game is second to none.
    How did you get to become a supporter of this great club while living on the other side of the world?
    Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to Billie too, apparently he's training the house down!

    Wasn't he called "the best schoolboy footballer ever" by a respected media identity?

    I can't wait to see what the new and improved Tomahawk dishes up, and Kersten and Brown and co could have an impact too.

    It was only last year we were too old and too slow, now we're filled with talented youngsters! Looking forward to talking to you throughout the season, looks very exciting and I have a feeling it'll be very competitive.

    Cheers :)
    No problem at all. It was an easy decision because you're a quality poster :)

    I'm very excited for the AFL season, probably growing a little impatient. Can't wait to see Orren. Who are you most excited to see?
    Hi buddy,

    You still in Europe? I'm already hanging for football season to start again. It doesn't even feel like summer in Melbourne, as it's ****ing 20 degrees in the avo and 12 degrees at night :mad:

    I really want nice weather soon, so I at least have an excuse to be drinking a bottle of white wine at lunchtime :p Take care buddy, speak soon.
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