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  • Just logged in again and noticed you'd tagged me mate.

    Unfortunately, I doubt I'll be on the Bay much this season - workload's a bit too high now to justify the time. But I reckon I'll still be involved on the Demons & Roys boards in the same way.

    PS- And in the weeks after that post, I've become just as active on the Bay as I was last year, of course ;)
    Elite Master
    Elite Master
    Hey mate, long time no see..

    That's a shame. I liked taking the edge off on the Bay with you, had some pretty entertaining discussions, but hey that's life. Work in general can be a bitch..
    Hey there mate... can't believe it took so long for any Kangas supporter to pull me up about "zero finals wins in 12 years" :p
    Elite Master
    Elite Master
    Yeah I noticed that, haha! Maybe my fellow supporters need a history brush up lesson themselves! Anyway, despite admittedly our less than impressive finals record from and including 2000 onward, we take great pride that our last 2 finals wins were agienst Hawforn.
    It's a very important point mate. Much like the fact our last two Premierships came from Grand Final victories over Collingwood :)
    Thanks mate, all credit goes to bloodsbigot though.
    He has made some great Swans gif files...... ;)

    Definitely! Been a Star Wars fan my whole life!

    I love A New Hope. Obi v Vader, how 'bout it.

    Favourite character?
    God yes!

    Have you watched the pool episode ("The Curse of Mr Bean" IIRC)?

    Best episode imo, as well as the Christmas episode. What's your favourite?
    Nice that you came back with that post just before on the Bay mate. I know where you're coming from, and yeah, everything's completely cool. I remember your handle from the other stomping ground, you were good over there too.

    I've just replied to you on that Bay thread, and threw a "White Men Can't Jump" reference in at the end, about that chode ;)

    I'm still active over in the other place as well by the way...

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