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  • cant view the post I received the 3 points for . which one was it?
    Take your pick - tarps, insulting Port supporters. It's all trolling on the Port board. If you want to post those things take it to the bay.

    can I please suggest move the essendon talk to the Drugs thread from the General AFL talk thread

    Am I not allowed to say Mitchell is s**t or is it the way I expressed that comment?
    Hey there. How do I set a signature on the forum? I can't seem to find the page :p
    heya forza, interested in a buddy swap of pick 19 and pfeiffer for moore and pick 24??

    or i could just hand over pick 19 for moore?
    Hey mate,

    Do you have any idea who the AFL player who is the subject of the suppression order is? Just PM me if you know, i have a fair idea but want to know for sure
    He did very well! Fos williams medal, best team man and 2nd in best and fairest. Great season for him and well deserved rewards.

    yer... if only my nonno was a port supporter!
    But nooo he had to turn to the dark side... the crows... euwwhhh yuck... enough to make you sick!!!!
    i reckon eyy!

    Ok well I bet you would turn gay for him... cos he's just soo *ing hot! ayy...... !!!!

    ciao ciao
    aww thats so cool!
    I think he will be awesome.
    I luvva him.
    Seriously. I too think he is a very smart player and a good footy brain. We just need to beef him up a bit. Maybe he should come to my Nonno's and eat here for a week. He'll probably be hell fat by the time he returns cos of all the pasta and breads..... yummm italian food!


    but srsly
    Don't you think he's hot?

    hahaha - about the Aussie accent.

    The Aussies think they can pay me out about having my accent though.


    Have a good one
    thats so cool.

    I can speak italian fluently but when speaking English i have that bloody accent!
    Its so *ing weird lolz.

    I hate it cos I am the only one out of the sisters who speaks with an accent ):

    But any way - life goes on.

    Ciao Ciao

    haha - yer. I was born in Benevento Campania.
    Southern Italy.

    I was the only one out of my 4 other sisters to be born in Italy. (my parent went with the whole MASSIVE italian family tradition)


    Where abouts are you from?
    Can you speak Italian?

    Any way
    ciao ciao


    ps. Your avatar is rad...srsly.
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