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  • G'day Huddo, sorry for the imposition...Just read your posting on the 1978 GF & enjoyed it very much. Left a comment at the bottom but its registering as Grizzly instead of yourself.
    T-man, I applied the old Muston badge for you. Let me know if that's the right one. Trust you're well.
    Hey Houdini

    BigX suggested I ask you re the threat below:

    And, Big-X, Kevin Coverdale was a sensation and I watched him play at Glenferrie several times in his short career in the early 60's. But he couldn't slug a South Australian (Sawley) like Johnny Peck did. Best punch in interstate footy and Sawley asked for it by toe-poking Peck in the back when he was down (claimed that he got his stops caught up in Peck's jock strap - ha ha). My recollection is that he got a one week suspension (one too many!)

    If you ask Houdinihuddo nicely he will give you a full count down and the inside goings on at the tribunal with the Peck/Sawley incident.;)
    Hey HH,

    Do you have any links or info on Lucas Markovic or Cam Pederson? Have been searching around for a write up but have been unable to find anything?

    Thanks Thorgils
    Just a quick thanks for ya insight into our Listed players at Box Hill some great reads & your training reports as well much appreciated champ noose!:thumbsu:
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