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    New Fitzroy Book

    I am looking forward to it! Feeling very restless about the Roys this year. It happens sometimes.
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    My Fave Monkees Songs

    Ah okay! The new album was surprisingly good! Very popular with a whole new market. It’s almost cool to like The Monkees now (well not for me because I always did!)
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    My Fave Monkees Songs

    Solid list! Love it! I adore Tapioca Tundra, Writing Wrongs......okay anything Mike Nesmith!!!!! Hahaha. The Girl I Left Behind Me, Someday Man...... Thoughts on their new album? The title escapes me. I saw Micky and Peter in 2016, they were amazing! Disappointed Mike Nesmith was unable to make...
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    New Paul McCartney Double Single

    I am really liking the new songs!!! I saw Sir Paul in Brisbane in December......such a magical experience! I waited a long time and it was so worth it!
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    Official Match Thread SEASON 25 SFA GRAND FINAL: Sin City Swamprats vs Roys FFC at SFA Park

    Hahaha I usually never obey people. I must have respect for you or something.
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    **ANNOUNCEMENT** lioness is awesome.

    Does that mean I am awesome? I think it does! :)
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    Traffic results for announcement threads

    I think they're fun.....:) But I do agree, there's a few too many.......
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    Official Team Thread Roys Team Thread - Season 14 (2011)

    Oh yes, and Wedding Singer. All the rest are shit. :) He was soooooooooo much funnier on SNL. :thumbsu:
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    Here's A Thought.....

    Nah can't be bothered now. Shining and myself have signed up for the Roys..... My thought is, attract females to each existing side.......and the boys will suddenly flock and start posting. Worth a try. :thumbsu:
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    Official Team Thread Roys Team Thread - Season 14 (2011)

    Wedding Singer. All the rest are shit.
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    Here's A Thought.....

    Hmmmmm......I don't really see the logic in knocking back a team of active posters to persist with teams that have little activity, but I am happy at the Roys and if I can be bothered next season, will work on this idea. Maybe for now we could just encourage female posters to join the...
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    Official Team Thread Roys Team Thread - Season 14 (2011)

    Of course they will be......... of course. :)
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    Official Team Thread Roys Team Thread - Season 14 (2011)

    Well hello stranger! Should post with us more. :thumbsu: By the way Mobbs - count me in for season 14. :)
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    Here's A Thought.....

    Okay.....I have decided IF this team happens, we shall be called The Stars. :) I don't think anyone has that name?! I have a potential two players at this point......a few to go! I will work out a thread that everyone can send any female posters to, hopefully someone can sticky that for...
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