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  • hey mate, I've seen one of your posts showing your Adelaide crows Fergus Watts training guernsey, just wondering if you've still got it (or any other crows PI items) and would you consider selling it?
    MC Extra Dollop
    MC Extra Dollop
    Hi there, apologies for the bad news, I must have offloaded that one some time ago, can't remember when. Definitely don't have any Crows stuff anymore though sorry. All the best with the hunt.
    all good mate, thanks for letting me know
    Hey mate I seen one of your posts you have a 2007 port heritage guernsey if you’ve still
    Got It would You consider selling it ?
    G'day Mate,
    I've been on the hunt for a pre 2000's st kilda training jumper for a while now and stumbled across a post of yours which included a red mid 90's St Kilda training jumper. If you're interested in a sale, please PM a figure.
    Hey mate. Long shot, but wondering if you still had your Ablett PI guernsey and Milburn training shirt with you and would be willing to potentially discuss selling/trading at the right price? Drop me a PM if it's something you're interested in.
    I was wondering if you'd be interested in selling me your 2009 Port clash jumper? I've been after one.I am collecting crows and port Guernseys.
    Cheers, Josh
    Hey mate, Are you interested in being interviewed for a thread I am running on the Cats board... it won't let me PM you to ask so if you are just send us a PM
    The DB Cooper story is a mind bender. Little wonder 42 years later people are still talking about it. There's so much stuff on the web - some of it even seems plausible. I'll continue to post up the best stuff I can find. You seem to share an interest - feel free to contribute in the discussion mate.
    Hey MC ED,

    I've always liked you as a poster. Noticed your work in the 'Hawthorn mentally fragile' thread on the Main board and thought I would pop by your profile page to heap some praise on you. Kudos.

    I want HFC to win the flag this season but behind them I like Geelong. Anything but Collingwood, WC, Sydney, really. Even Adelaide I don't mind.

    All the best,

    Certainly am, looking forward to seeing more of the new breed.
    I didn't actually see your game mate so I was actually replying to how I reckon the AFL has made a rod for it's own back rather than anything to do with Selwood.

    I thought twice before even posting in it TBH, I'm not into 'celebrating' injury.
    Hey mate,

    Just saw a couple of posts of yours on the SuperCoach Board. Are you interested in being in one of the Geelong Board leagues this year? Platinum membership up for grabs. If so, hit up the stickied thread on our board. Same goes for Dream Team.

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